The Gradual Path

Tibetan Buddhist Meditations for Becoming Fully Human

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The Gradual Path

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Experience the Transformative Power of Tibetan Buddhism’s Gradual Path of Enlightenment


“Enlightenment is an unfolding process—open to everyone.” teaches Dr. Miles Neale. “However, in a culture that reduces, commodifies, and sensationalizes meditation, our challenge is to restore the depth, sophistication, and integrity of the complete spiritual path.” With The Gradual Path, Dr. Neale presents a seven-session audio course to immerse you in the teachings and practices of the Lam Rim—Tibetan Buddhism’s time-tested path for psychological maturity and awakening. Created as an audio companion to Dr. Neale’s book Gradual Awakening, this course brings you a guided experience in the traditional Lam Rim journey, updated with insights from science and psychotherapy to root each step in our modern experience.

Lam Rim—The Hero’s Journey of Awakening


With passion and eloquence, Dr. Neale reveals how the Age of Reason’s “enlightenment” that originally emerged to free us from dogma and superstition evolved into a dangerous new “sickness of paradigm” that has given rise to our precarious global situation. By combining healthy scientific inquiry with the timeless power of the Lam Rim path, Dr. Neale invites us to catalyze genuine and sustainable well-being, compassion, and liberation—both for ourselves and the world around us. This path is a “hero’s journey” that begins with our inherent state of suffering and separation, then takes us through each step of transformation to becoming fully human.

Do we need to become enlightened to make a difference in the world? “Though enlightenment is always here and possible,” teaches Dr. Neale, “what matters most is to focus on the next incremental step ahead of you and awaken gradually—becoming a more mature, aware, insightful, and loving human being. Even making one small Lam Rim step brings a little more light in the world and makes a giant leap for humanity’s evolution.”

  A portion of the proceeds from this program will benefit the Buddhist nuns of Kopan Monastery in Nepal.  

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Contents 7 CDs (7 hours, 52 minutes)
Date Published September 18, 2018
ISBN-10 1-68364-201-5
ISBN-13 978-1-68364-201-5
Dimensions 6 7/8 x 6 5/8 inches
Product Code AF05542D