The Healing Breath
Body-Based Meditations on the Aramaic Beatitudes

An in-depth audio learning course for healing based on Jesus’ “Blessed Are” sayings.



The Beatitudes (or "Blessed are" sayings) are perhaps the most recognized and most beloved passage from the Sermon on the Mount, and yet they are among Jesus' most misunderstood teachings.

On The Healing Breath, acclaimed teacher and author Neil Douglas-Klotz leads listeners through the Beatitudes as spoken in Jesus' native Aramaic to show how this seemingly simple set of statements reveals a profound source of divine connection. With 12 in-depth sessions including 24 body prayers—authentic meditations of the ancient Middle East that use body awareness, breath, sound, and gentle movement—Douglas-Klotz helps listeners open fully to the transformative power of The Healing Breath.



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Review for The Healing Breath Review by Lawrence Greywolf


Wonderful program. (Posted on November 5, 2011)

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Review for The Healing Breath Review by Bruce


Go to any “parallel translations” website and you will see disturbingly diverse translations of the same Bible verse. Some translations seem to make no sense at all or bear little resemblance to each other.

The King James interpretation of the first Beatitude reads, "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." This is probably the most accepted English translation of Matthew 5:3. I’m no Biblical scholar and so I’m assuming here that this version was translated from Latin, which was translated from Greek, which was translated from Hebrew, which was translated from Aramaic. Five languages in total.

It is an established fact, however, that Jesus spoke only Aramaic. As messages often get lost in the retelling and interpretation (as the “broken telephone” game shows), wouldn’t it be useful to backtrack and translate the Christ’s words directly from the language he spoke? I think it would and I thank Neil Douglas-Klotz for doing exactly this.

For example, Neil’s interpretation of Matthew 5:3, taken directly from the Aramaic reads, “Blessed are the poor, who make their home in the breath, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Does this version have more power and make more sense than the King James translation? I think it does. Thank you again Neil for taking on the tremendously important task of clarifying the words of the Master. This product is enormously recommended. (Posted on June 29, 2010)

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