The Tantric Consort
Awakening Through Relationship

How intimate relationships can create spiritual transformation and realization.

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Explore Intimate Relationships as a Vehicle to Spiritual Transformation
The Vajrayana, or tantric tradition of Buddhism, teaches ways of being in relationship that open unique gateways to spiritual awakening. These teachings are some of the most advanced—in the past often restricted—teachings in Buddhism. Modern people are uniquely situated to do some of their deepest spiritual work in the context of intimate relationship yet lack the profound instructions and practices needed to do so; with The Tantric Consort, here they are.

What You Will Receive:

  • Four video sessions—more than seven hours of teachings, yours to download and keep
  • Guided meditations and exercises with Dr. Reggie Ray
  • Advanced practices from the tantric tradition

Who Is the Tantric Consort?
The Vajrayana or tantric tradition says that spirituality in the fullest sense cannot be an isolated, solitary, purely self-involved enterprise. Rather, we make the deepest journey of transformation and ultimate fulfillment only in relationship—with our deepest nature, with our unique karmic situations, with the people in our lives, and with the living universe around us. Through being in connection with these others, we are inspired, we love, and we open. We learn at the deepest levels that we are never one alone but always two-by-two, always in connection, always in the love relationship with all that is; and therein lies our life and our realization.

The tantric consort is the ultimate other. In fact, in the tantric tradition, it is said that moment by moment, he or she represents to us the entire phenomenal world. In other words, in the consort, we most deeply and completely meet the sacred universe in its entirety—a perhaps outrageous claim, but one that experience proves. Through the practice of taking the consort as representing the sacred totality, we learn to love more deeply than we ever imagined possible—first the consort, then everything that is. We see where we habitually hold back and hide out; we practice ways to release our masks, blockages, and obstacles; and ultimately we find union, where releasing our narcissistic fixation on ourselves and discovering our profound and eternal oneness with the consort—and through him or her the world—are the same thing. Ultimately, our ability to journey on the path of the tantric consort comes down to our own willingness, bravery, and devotion in cultivating an open heart and in learning to love the beloved openly and without limit.

By sharing ancient Vajrayana teachings on the view of the consort relationship, as well as guiding us through specific, powerful meditations, Dr. Ray leads us to both an understanding and an experience of the tantric consort as the gateway to our own awakening. He emphasizes learning practices that can be carried forward into our lives, including several heart-based meditations to be practiced on our own or with a partner.

Many believe that the goal of spiritual practice is enlightenment or liberation, but the human animal actually longs for much, much more. Instinctually, we yearn for what we know is possible: fulfillment, joy, and union with all of creation. Opening to our longing to connect with the tantric consort is the gateway, and learning to relate with him or her openheartedly is the path.



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Review for The Tantric Consort Review by priya


reggie never disappoints. you can see how his own journey has progressed with this latest offering that really ups the ante on partnerships, beckoning them into the deepest spiritual realm. the practices are very simple, but deeply profound. recommended for those in relationship or not. (Posted on September 30, 2014)

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Review for The Tantric Consort Review by G


Found the class expanded my awareness and practice leading me to look at love differently and more broadly. Thanks for the course Reggie and Sounds True! (Posted on November 29, 2012)

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Self-Guided Video Course

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