The Urban Monk Inner Stillness Training Program
How to Open Up and Awaken to the Infinite River of Life

Discover how to work your own inner alchemy with a total lifestyle course from the New York Times bestselling author and former Taoist monk.
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Discover The Urban Monk’s Secrets for Optimal Well-Being

For centuries, an isolated monastery in China has held an unbroken lineage of powerful Taoist alchemical practices for health and vitality. Now, former Taoist monk and Qi Gong master Pedram Shojai shares these once secret teachings in a six-part audio training. Blending meditation, breathwork, and movement, The Urban Monk’s Inner Stillness Training Program takes you on a gentle yet powerful journey into the realms of internal alchemy—where you can wake up to who you really are and align with your greatest potential.

A Complete Qi Gong Series from the Yellow Dragon Monastery

Shojai, better known as ”The Urban Monk,“ draws from his own extensive training with the Yellow Dragon Monastery in China to bring you this in-depth Qi Gong program. You›ll begin by identifying where cultural and lifestyle influences are holding you back so you can get out of your own way. Then, you’ll learn to hone and focus your attention, move energy and qi throughout your body, and activate your dantiens, or energy centers.

As you progress, you’ll discover that you have the ability to dissolve physical pain, relieve stress and fear, and feel more alive in your body. Shojai concludes with the traditional Taoist practice of “Opening to the Golden Flower,” a technique to open your third eye so you can see the truth of your consciousness.

“Internal alchemy is the great work,” teaches Shojai. “It is the foundation that allows us to calm and focus our minds, tap into infinite reserves of energy, and cultivate lasting health and vitality. This is the key to becoming more realized beings.”

Designed to be learned in progression and continued as a lifelong path, The Urban Monk Inner Stillness Training Program shares Taoist secrets of health, clarity, resilience, and personal empowerment, allowing you to awaken to the fullest expression of your life.

  • Discover ancient energy techniques from an unbroken lineage of Taoist masters
  • Sequential practices—each level brings you to deeper realms of realization
  • Learn how to tap into the body’s dantians, or energy centers, and channel energy throughout the body
  • Brings together in-depth teachings, guided meditations, and movement exercises for complete transformation
  • Practices include The Microcosmic Orbit, Kidney Breathing, Shaking Qi Gong, Freeze Frame Forgiveness, and more
  • Become healthier, happier, and more alive in your body as you tap into the river of life



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