You Are That
Expanded Collector's Edition

A special edition of Gangaji’s teachings on identity, the mind, and overcoming suffering.
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The lives of thousands of people have been influenced by Gangaji's teachings. You Are That is a collection of her classic offerings, first shared more than a decade ago and now updated to include both original volumes, a new introduction, rare photographs, and new insights.

This exquisite special edition delves into natural inquiries about our existence, including the nature of mind, how to expose the core of suffering, and how to overcome the last obstacle of self-doubt. Eloquent and direct, Gangaji guides practitioners of all backgrounds through an examination into the self that often leads to unexpected glimpses of awakening.

"This is a moment of reckoning," she teaches. "Do not take this moment casually or trivially. Recognize that for whatever reason, you are aware of the possibility of realizing the truth of yourself as limitless consciousness—you are that!"



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Review for You Are That Review by Ami Chen Mills-Naim


One of my favorite (if not my all time favorite) spiritual books. (Posted on September 24, 2014)

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Review for You Are That Review by marcia zumwalt


Liked it more than I thought I would. (Posted on July 1, 2012)

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Review for You Are That Review by Sharon Brooks


Gangaji points you back to your own true self again and again for your own direct experience of who you truly are and the direct realization that You truly are THAT (Posted on March 12, 2012)

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