The 2012 Mind Shift

Meditations for Times of Accelerating Change

The 2012 Mind Shift

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As the date 2012 approaches, a growing circle of visionaries believes that the pace of change in the world—social, scientific, and spiritual—is accelerating rapidly. What’s the best way for you to adapt to these upcoming events? Noted scientist, lifelong meditator, and revolutionary futurist Peter Russell says that the most crucial technique is one of the oldest—meditation.

On The 2012 MindShift, this expert on global changes guides you through a series of meditations that he personally designed to help you stay grounded through these turbulent times. Join this acclaimed speaker and author to learn five simple-to practice meditations:

  • Presence meditation for finding peace in the moment
  • Befriending discomfort meditation for working with difficult feelings and rigid attitudes
  • Inner wisdom meditation for tapping the guidance that awaits within you
  • Loving-kindness meditation for developing greater compassion and community
  • Clarifying purpose meditation to strengthen your life’s vision

“In order to successfully navigate the challenging transitions and transformations of our time, we must learn to build our inner resources,” teaches Russell. The 2012 MindShift gives you the practical tools to nurture your resilience and help you stay composed—no matter what the tides of change may bring.


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Customer Reviews

Review for The 2012 Mind Shift Review by Jay Dancing Bear

This is great. Buy it, it teaches some great life skills for coping with our crazy high stress world.

I suggest sounds true rename this to Meditations to Deal with a rapidly changing world, taking out the 2012, because it is just as applicable now.

What i like: great insights and framing of the problems in ways that are solution oriented and which i have not heard put so clearly before, and he has a great voice for guiding meditations,

(Posted on 2/7/2014)

Review for The 2012 Mind Shift Review by Lisa

I love Peter Russell and have read a number of his books. I was excited to hear his views on 2012. However, there was very little information along those lines in comparison to the meditations. That would have been fine, except the meditations were for me more beginner style meditations. That would be fine too, if I wanted to review those types of meditation practices, because you can always learn more by having a beginner's mind and redoing the basics. It just wasn't what I expected. Still, if you understand what this product is really about, you may enjoy it a great deal and not feel slightly disappointed the way I did. On that level, the meditations are well done and easy to follow. Enjoy.

(Posted on 11/23/2012)


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