The Art of Spiritual Leadership in Business
How to Lead with Spiritual Purpose, Values, and Creativity

An unabridged audio book on the power of bringing “spiritual context” to the workplace.

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Now more than ever, business leaders around the world are beginning to reexamine their roles in the corporate environment and question their life's purpose. For employees, managers, and business owners, The Art of Spiritual Leadership in Business explores the many benefits of bringing a spiritual context to the workplace.

Author William Miller has worked for over 20 years with the heads of leading companies such as Motorola and Hewlett-Packard, exploring the integration of spirituality, business, creativity, and profitability. Here, he shares their findings, insights, and successes, and shows listeners how to revitalize their companies from a heart-based foundation, to bring a true revolution of integrity to the workplace.

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The Way all Businesses should be Review by galen


The title of this appealed to me. I recall Wayne Dyer saying that it wasn't sustainable for anyone to just focus on profits and revenues. And yet, that is the way seems to move all the time.

William Miller's book may not seem to promote a radically new viewpoint, but it does serve to remind us that it can be done. The book offers validation and a way to run a business from a more meaningful way. It's also written by someone who is walking the talk.

I'm midway through this, and so far, it's interesting and helps keep me focussed on more important priorities; and the issue of aligning business and values. (Posted on November 8, 2015)

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Review for The Art of Spiritual Leadership in Business Review by Ajith S R N


A rare resource that added a new dimension to life! (Posted on November 17, 2010)

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