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The Beginner's Guide to Kabbalah

Unlock the Secrets of the Sacred Texts of Judaism

The Beginner's Guide to Kabbalah

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Guarded for centuries, its secrets once passed by word of mouth only, the Kabbalah remains one of our oldest mystical paths for union with the divine. What is the Kabbalah, and why are its teachings so treasured by those who know them?

On The Beginner's Guide to the Kabbalah, you will join Rabbi David Cooper for an uplifting introduction to this living cornerstone of Judaism's esoteric tradition. Join him as he lifts the veil on the Kabbalah's core teachings and practices, and their potential to uncode the secrets of the universe. From the four worlds of reality, to the fascinating archetypes symbolized by the Tree of Life, to meditations for merging with the divine, here is an outstanding guide to the Kabbalah and its many wonders.


  • The Tree of Life
  • The 10 sefirot: emanations of the divine
  • The 32 Paths of Wisdom
  • The Kabbalah's meditation practices
  • Merging with the divine, and much more

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Customer Reviews

Review for The Beginner's Guide to Kabbalah Review by Pam

it's my own fault. I didn't notice this was only 75 min long. Not worth the 8.38 usd i paid for it. A nice introduction of stuff I already knew and a couple extremely short meditations.

(Posted on 3/13/2013)

Review for The Beginner's Guide to Kabbalah Review by Donald F

Fine introduction to Kaballah basics. He includes a couple, or so, guided meditations, one of which is a breath meditation. Therefore, those from other traditons, can feel right at home, at the outset.

(Posted on 12/1/2012)

Review for The Beginner's Guide to Kabbalah Review by Nancy Hard

Excellent . Love both the sound of his voice and his interpretations.

(Posted on 7/12/2012)

Review for The Beginner's Guide to Kabbalah Review by Isobel Farrell

This provides an interesting intoroduction to what I expect is a very complex topic. I am now awaiting arrival of The Mystical Kabbalah!

(Posted on 2/29/2012)


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