The Desire Map Daily

A Guide to Feeling Your Power Every Day

The Desire Map Daily

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Are Your Goals Aligned with Your Soul?

Many of us unconsciously pick up ambitions from our parents, celebrities, or the imaginary "they" we're trying to impress. We crank hard trying to meet the "right" goals instead of the ones that match the shape of our heart. It's Achievement Autopilot … and it'll burn you out. So come close, I have something to tell you:

Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do.

What if your core desired feelings consciously informed how you planned your day? Your career? Your holidays? Your life?

That's the heart of the Desire Map process. In The Desire Map Daily, I share the essentials of this holistic life-planning approach. Here's how we'll do it:

  • Hone in on your core desired feelings—those will be the compass for everything you do
  • Learn to make daily, weekly, and monthly action plans to bring those feelings into your life
  • Work directly with gratitude, fear, trust, sadness, love, and a whole lot more

The Desire Map isn't sugar-coated affirmations or hardcore ambition tactics. It's about turning inner clarity into outer action, feeling the way you want to feel more often, and having more to give to the world. Bring your doubts, your courage, your sense of humor, and your dreams … but most of all, bring your desires.

Behind every desire is a feeling—and your feelings will lead you to your soul.

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Customer Reviews

Review for The Desire Map Daily Review by Karla G

exactly what I expected!

(Posted on 4/17/2014)

Review for The Desire Map Daily Review by Roberta G

I have set goals previously using various techniques like mind mapping or just by listing what I wanted to achieve in different areas of my life. What I found Interesting and useful in this program is the focus on finding how one 'wants to feel' first'. A new approach for me. Personally I feel it is useful when added to other goal setting techniques.

(Posted on 2/10/2014)

Review for The Desire Map Daily Review by David M

Very interesting, simple, insightful and useful. And the author has a warm and lively voice that I love to listen to. I bought the audio program as a complement to the book; I am more comfortable with the audio version of the exercices.

(Posted on 1/8/2014)



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