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The Direct Path

How to walk the mystical path in your life using contemplation, prayer, and service.

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The way of the mystic is a path to divine union that requires no temple, no money, no guru, no priest, no system. By following it you can reveal your own sacred purpose on earth, regardless of faith, age, sexual orientation, or gender. On The Direct Path, Andrew Harvey confronts 2,000 years of distortion about the mystical life, and challenges you to begin your own personal transformation via the direct path.

On this two-session program, we learn how to free ourselves to follow this true path to the “highest temple of God”—through our body, and its sacred life in the world. With scholarship and passion, Harvey describes the enormous sacrifices and rewards of the direct path to the divine, and the traps you will inevitably face along the way. Join him to explore:

  • How mysticism can lead to escapism
  • Why our sexuality must be honored for its sacred purpose
  • The five temptations every mystic faces, and more

The true mystic of today, Harvey concludes, is also a “revolutionary activist” who votes and reads the paper, while embracing the daily disciplines of contemplation, prayer, and service. With The Direct Path, Andrew Harvey offers a vision of a possible world that honors the divinity in every living thing, while laying to rest the falsehood that the mystical life is reserved for a chosen few.

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Date Published April 01, 2001
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