The End of Your World

Uncensored Straight Talk on the Nature of Enlightenment

The End of Your World

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More and more people are waking up spiritually. And for most of them, the question becomes: Now what? “Information about life after awakening is usually not made public,” explains Adyashanti. “It’s most often shared only between teachers and their students.” The End of Your World is his response to a growing need for direction on the spiritual path. Consider this Adyashanti’s personal welcome to “a new world, a state of oneness.”

Adyashanti begins by describing the “I got it/I lost it” phenomenon that perplexes so many of his students—the fluctuation between what he calls “nonabiding” awakening, and the ultimate state of “abiding” enlightenment. With straight talk and penetrating insight, Adyashanti then points out the pitfalls and cul-de-sacs that “un-enlighten” us along the journey, including the trap of meaninglessness, how the ego can “co-opt” realization for its own purposes, the illusion of superiority that may accompany intense spiritual breakthroughs, and the danger of becoming “drunk on emptiness.”

“Full awakening comes when you sincerely look at yourself, deeper than you’ve imagined, and question everything,” teaches Adyashanti. The End of Your World is your invitation to join Adyashanti for an honest investigation of what you really are—and how to live once you discover it.


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Customer Reviews

perfect for me! Review by gratitude

thank you so much adyashanti and sounds true!

i am so grateful to have this book.
it speaks to me and is exactly what i needed.
i will be re-reading and integrating..

(Posted on 7/26/2015)

A must for post awakening Review by Surge

This book could have saved me a lot of doubt and suffering after awakening, but then everything happens in the right time frame :-) Highly recommend, there are no books out there to my knowledge that deal with post awakening in such detail. Wonderful! Thanks Adya and Tami. Namaste.

(Posted on 1/16/2015)

Review for The End of Your World Review by Ginger W

Absolutely ...what a program it was! The best to all of you at Sounds True this holiday season. I have followed Sounds True for quite some time, and am thankful for the loving quality of all your programs.
Love and light to you Tammi and staff.

(Posted on 12/11/2013)

Review for The End of Your World Review by daniel gryte g

Adya writes with beautiful simplicity and a high level of compassion for the human condition. He gets it across effectively that the Natural State is everyone's birthright. Adya is perhaps the most encouraging and supportive teacher I have encountered i.e. among those speaking and writing about enlightenment, personal growth and the pursuit of happiness.

(Posted on 7/12/2013)

Review for The End of Your World Review by Mary S N

Very impressive! Adya does a good job of explaining what the experience of "enlightenment" is really like. Not exactly a bed of roses. There should be more books like this, that tell it like it is and don't romanticize it. Like old Joseph Campbell said, the madman and the mystic enter the same waters; the difference is that the madman is floundering and the mystic has taken swimming lessons from a good guru. In a pinch, books can serve that function, and this is one of them.

(Posted on 6/29/2013)

Review for The End of Your World Review by kfh

I seriously question Adya's notion that he has met hundreds of enlightened people. Kind of sounds like an unprovable validation of his "efforts".

(Posted on 10/30/2012)

Review for The End of Your World Review by Lindsey Wilkes

This book is sooooooo completely helpful in my awakening and what pitfalls to watch out for after the initial experiences of the nature of reality! Really exposes so many mind tricks and blocks to the experience of ABIDING Truth. This book both humbles and clarifies. I am most grateful to Adayashanti and all those who echo the Truth always. Namaste.

(Posted on 7/21/2012)

Review for The End of Your World Review by Frans Oilinki

Very practical, hands-on writing about the nature of thinking mind, and the change of perspective from the relative (essentially delusional and sticky) view of thinking mind to the enlightened reality. If you have had awakening experiences of some sort, but the change has not been permanent, this is very good book for you. Adyashanti talks quite much about the essential sameness of non-abiding and abiding awakening (enlightenment). The book stresses the importance of truth in place of fancy experiences. The journey is not going to stop once the change of perspective sets in. Enlightenment is about Truth, and the non-transformed elements of your being will be brought to your awareness.

(Posted on 9/29/2011)

Review for The End of Your World Review by Amy Rich

Wonderful book. Answered so many questions.

(Posted on 3/30/2011)

Review for The End of Your World Review by John Mankey

This is a great book, especially in conjunction with the audio recording of the same name. I haven't had the enlightenment experience, but every chapter meant so much to me. Every re-reading brings new meaning and relevance.
I've never met the author, and because of the directness and authenticity of this work I don't need to meet him.

(Posted on 6/10/2009)


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