The Joyous Body

Myths and Stories of the Wise Woman Archetype

The Joyous Body

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From Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Part Three of Her Masterwork on The Dangerous Old Woman

“It is the nature of the saplings to quake in the winds; hesitant, learning to hold their own places. But, the older trees, with their years of testing and being tested, they are the ones who, whether in the long stern winds or misty gales, sway the most. Less a bouquet of tentative trembling first-time buds, now much more the leaf-perfumed hips of a hundred wide women dancing—these old ones, regardless of form, sway, by heart, to the music that thunders through them.”—Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD

The Body, Your Valiant Consort

“Each one of us is a triumvirate being—at once the union of body, soul, and all that lies within.” For any who experience disharmony amongst these three vital aspects, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés reveals a pathway back to wholeness. Join her with The Joyous Body for the third volume of her masterwork on the Wise Woman archetype. This empowering six-session program shares original and old family stories, poems, and psychological commentary on the challenges, remedies, and ancient knowings of the holy female body, “that which is not a dumb servant but a divine fellow traveler and consort.”

Renew Your Relationship with The Sacred-Body Consort

“Remember that the loyal body is the first to signal us that something is needed. It is our first responder,” teaches Dr. Estés, “in order for us to not only survive but to thrive in the world.” Now, The Joyous Body is here to help you remember the old body wisdom, to heal and renew your relationship “with the sacred, magnificent being with whom you came to this earth.”

Stories, Poems, and Blessings Include:

  • The Ancient Bristlecone Pines
  • The Ten Aspects of Mindfulness of the Body
  • The Scar Queen
  • The Beauty-teria
  • The Long-Legged Deer
  • Mousetrap
  • Blessings for Bodies
  • The Such-Lovely
  • The Homely Girl
  • Taking the Father Home Again
  • The Jealous Girls and the Old Woman Under the Lake
  • How the White-Throated Sparrow Came to the New World
  • The Tongue-cut Sparrow
  • The Bird Lady at Saint John the Divine
  • The Child Dying to Dust
  • The Snow Queen
  • Let It Be Known


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Customer Reviews

The Body Companion And How To Treat It Kindly Review by Jack Hovenier

‘The Joyous Body’ is the third volume of Dr. Estés’ five-volume audio masterpiece known as ‘The Dangerous Old Woman.’ To the uninitiated it is difficult to describe the wisdom, insight, inspiration and stories in each volume of this series.

With the myriad skills of a therapist with decades of experience, and a depth psychologist and Jungian analyst at the top of her game, Dr. Estés deftly blends well-known stories, personal family legends and insight into a series of audio recordings that engage and inspire the listener.

As is usually the case with great work, teaching happens at many levels. Although Dr. Estés is a certified Jungian analyst, that label is too limiting. While Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell raised awareness of Archetypes, many cultural stories, legends, myths and wisdom have passed on from our ancestors for millennia. Often practitioners of depth psychology become Jungian analysts as a result of their education and studies. Dr. Estés seems to have been born to become one of our generations greatest oral and written story tellers, commune with Archetypes, Saints and Angels, as well as maintain a relentless desire to help, inspire and advocate for others.

One of the greatest gift of this series is its ability to guide the listener to discover who they really are, nurture and empower their “Original Voice,” and cast off social, cultural and personal bindings that separate the listener from his or her destiny and birthright.

Volume Three is largely devoted to our faithful consort, the human body. Dr. Estés subtly and directly describes how this loyal companion accompanies us on this journey called life, and offers suggestions of how to appreciate, care for and tend to our loyal friend. After listening to this, it’s impossible not to delight in and give praise for our body. Even if we sometimes imagine ways we wish our body is different, this volume deepens the listener’s appreciation of the gift of the body and the obligation and duty to properly care for it. Although male listeners may not relate to some of the discussion of menopause, even topics seemingly for women contain wisdom for all. The story ‘Mousetrap’ succinctly describes how we may get trapped by the world and offers the possibility of liberation, or better yet to stay away from the trap! Whether the listener desires to care for his or her body more carefully, or struggles with eating disorders, weight issues or health, these commentaries and stories teach, encourage and inspire.

While it is easy to think these audio recordings are intended for adults, they are easily accessible to adolescents and young adults. Like the best timeless wisdom teaching, they contain messages for listeners of any age or stage of growth and development. For the observant listener, the art on each recording cover is a symbol for the series.

Don’t hesitate to buy this outstanding volume and series. Whatever you pay for the recording, and invest in time listening, is an extraordinary value sure to pay rich emotional, mental, physical and spiritual dividends.

(Posted on 12/25/2016)

Not My Cup of Tea Review by Sandra Roth

I bought this and another and hoped for some insight but did not enjoy it. It did not inspire or give any new insights.

(Posted on 9/25/2016)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Nancy B S

I purchase anything by CPE. I admit I like her earlier audios better; it seems like they transmit a higher energy. But I am getting "elder" & appreciate the wisdom offered for this stage of life. Also, I remember a CD my sister had about the tale of Snow White, but can't seem to find it again. Can you help ?

(Posted on 10/16/2014)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Simone S

How does one write a review for Clarissa Pinkola Estes ? It feels impossible to me to comment on such a Gift. Shining light and love to any who wants to listen and with the fine balance of an experienced Mother - knowing when to push and when to hold. With all my heart. Thank you and blessings to you for generously offering the series of The Dangerous Old Woman. She keeps me going.

(Posted on 9/26/2014)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Darla P

I was able to be present "live" for Dr. E's first two fireside teachings of The Dangerous Old Woman, but I have to say that this one is my favorite. Maybe it's the timing but my entire being vibrates in harmony with this series as we embody moments together that are beyond time. Either way, this series is a precious treasure. Thank you, ST and Tami.

(Posted on 5/10/2014)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Caroline

A wonderful seminar. I've deeply enjoyed listening to her stories and teaching.
One of the best way to make peace with the body. Very moving, beautiful and healing.

(Posted on 2/4/2014)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Linda L

Glad to have additional material to listen to and ponder.

(Posted on 1/25/2014)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Norma N

I've enjoyed listening to these CDs so far. It's been a busy time so that I haven't listened as much as I would like.

(Posted on 1/14/2014)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Chalice B

Dr. Estes reminds us of the gift of our body, and encourages a loving and living relationship of total acceptance of all we have been given in this embodiment. A truly important piece of wisdom!

(Posted on 1/13/2014)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by deborah h

This is the best of her recorded seminars to date and highly recommend it to all who face or will hopefully face aging and body issues. I own many of her recordings. Good soothing but very stimulating enough to listen to while driving. Get it. NOW

(Posted on 1/6/2014)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Daphne H

Yes, In Spades!

(Posted on 1/3/2014)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Estella De Anda

This is an excellent audio series, that I would highly recommend to others! Through storytelling and shared wisdom Clarissa Pinkola Estes reminds the listener that the body is not to be taken for granted!

(Posted on 12/27/2013)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Marjolein D

Amazing story telling
Love this work, listened many times

(Posted on 1/27/2013)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Corrine Muske

Excellent work as always by Dr. Estes!

(Posted on 7/5/2012)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Larisa B

Let Dr Estes voice wash over you in waves give yourself a time and place in your day to truly listen to her stories and wisdom. Invaluable. The CD's have best sound quality.. looking forward to the rest of the series.

(Posted on 5/23/2012)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Lori Garcia

The Joyous Body was absolutely wonderful, enchanting and enlightening. Every woman should hear these stories and listen to their meanings!

(Posted on 12/2/2011)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Clare Colins

I now have almost all of Clarissa's audio CD's and never tire of listening to them. She is worth her weight in GOLD....really. Clarissa has become my 'new best friend'!

(Posted on 11/6/2011)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by lizzie dalton

I have all the cds from this remarkable journey of grace and wisdom and giggles and tears .I cant wait for the next one YAHOOOOO.

(Posted on 11/5/2011)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Cat Charissage

Exhilarating and empowering, and so, so nurturing.

(Posted on 10/19/2011)

Review for The Joyous Body Review by Karen Seaton

Ever since I read "Women Who Run With Wolves" decades ago, I have been hooked on the power and wisdom of C.P. Estes' stories. This volume did not fail to utterly please. I am always on the look-out for new books by this incredible psychologist and writer!

(Posted on 10/12/2011)



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