The Marry Your Muse Workshop

Making a Lasting Commitment to Your Creativity

The Marry Your Muse Workshop

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Would creating a work of art be easier for you if an inspiring spirit were here to guide you? To spark you with endless new ideas? And bless you with the divine energy that is at the heart of all creative endeavors? Here is a map to the joyful place where your partner in creativity resides. Designed for people who create for a living—or who want to—The Marry Your Muse Workshop is the first full-length curriculum devoted to uncovering the art spirit that makes every act of creation possible.

Developed first at a writing conference for women, this approach to self-expression deflates the myths, fears, and self-doubt that hold us back from living full, creative lives. The secret of creativity, teaches author Jan Phillips, is not a secret at all. Through commitment to your own Muse—the goddess honored since ancient times as the sacred source of art and inspiration—you can “fall in love with your artist within,” and make each day of your life a masterpiece to remember.

From her work with people of all ages and abilities, Jan Phillips developed The Artist's Creed—a special vow that is an act of faith, a promise to believe in yourself, and an affirmation of the sacredness of your creative work. In 12 sessions, you will cultivate the principles of The Artist's Creed, hear how other working artists face their obstacles, and learn new ways to live and create with the sacred as your partner.

There are many programs with exercises to practice, based on someone else's creative path. The Marry Your Muse Workshop is the only one that makes it possible to follow the creative path that is uniquely your own. Finding the time, space, and best way to express your creative self is a challenge, even for professional artist. Now, with The Marry Your Muse Workshop, everyone who values creativity has a personal guide available to this most joyous and sacred of human experiences.


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Review for The Marry Your Muse Workshop Review by Irene M

FABULOUS, INSPIRING, and very actionable.
THANK YOU Tami for introducing me (& so many listeners) to that amazing Jan....and so many other guests. Your show truly educates and inspires.

(Posted on 5/6/2014)


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