The Mystical Kabbalah

Judaism’s Ancient System for Mystical Enlightenment through Meditation and Contemplation

The Mystical Kabbalah

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Kabbalah, it is said, was brought down from heaven by angels. The great mystics of Judaism originally passed its teachings by word of mouth only, believing that the secrets of the Kabbalah transcend the written word.

In keeping with this great oral tradition, The Mystical Kabbalah will immerse you in these time-honored teachings of sacred wisdom for reaching peace through union with God. Experience directly the path of inner knowing, guided by Rabbi David A. Cooper, a scholar and teacher who is also master of the meditations associated with its practice.

On this complete seven-hour study course, Rabbi Cooper synthesizes this uniquely preserved wisdom with midrash (teaching stories) and meditations he developed during six years of work and research in the Old City of Jerusalem. Practical, uplifting, and fascinating to learn, The Mystical Kabbalah is the perfect introduction to this traditional system for spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Learn more about:

  • The magid—your inner guide to mystical insight
  • How to connect with the "initial light of creation"—and ultimate awareness
  • The 32 Secret Paths of Wisdom
  • Meditations for inner harmony, opening to compassion, and more
  • Angels and the energy of thought
  • The Four Worlds and the Five Soul Levels
  • Archangel meditation"—an ancient practice for receiving "emanations from God"
  • Seven hours of meditations, practices, doctrine, and teaching stories with Rabbi Cooper

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Customer Reviews

Review for The Mystical Kabbalah Review by Pat M


(Posted on 6/3/2013)

Review for The Mystical Kabbalah Review by Pamela L

I've only got through an hour or so and I'm so happy I got this. The teaching is so relevant and meaningful. Looking forward to the rest of it!

(Posted on 3/19/2013)

Review for The Mystical Kabbalah Review by Elizabeth W

This is a wonderful exploration of Kabbalah. I like the stories, examples, and especially the explanation of Kabbalistic wisdom and concepts Rabbi Cooper adds. Highly recommended!

(Posted on 12/6/2012)

Review for The Mystical Kabbalah Review by marty f

Being a "tabula rasa" in my knowledge of Kabbalah, after listening to this program not only did I come away with a nice understanding, but real benefits in my personal spiritual journey. Thanks so much.

(Posted on 4/27/2012)

Review for The Mystical Kabbalah Review by Isobel Farrell

I am finding this most illuminating but am taking my time with it...much to take in.

(Posted on 3/20/2012)

Review for The Mystical Kabbalah Review by Jolanka Muratovic

The information is very pleasant and sincere.The meditations were beautiful,and I was pleasantly surprise just how much SIMILARITIES IT HAD with what I personally deep inside believed.Contrary to false ideas that it was full of superstition ideas the Rabi explained very clearly the importance of having a deeper understanding of our being.

(Posted on 1/24/2012)

Review for The Mystical Kabbalah Review by Marsha Schaeffer

very boring,not what i expected.

(Posted on 1/3/2012)

Review for The Mystical Kabbalah Review by Sharon Friedman

I am really enjoying this CD. Rabbi Copper explains Kabbalah in a way that makes it easier to understand many of the deep concepts. The meditations are extremely helpful and enlightening.

(Posted on 1/3/2012)



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