The Power of Focused Intent
Shamanic Techniques for Manifestation

A self-paced online training in potent practices for unlocking your creative potential.

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Our creative potential is far greater than we realize—we all possess the power to manifest our intentions into reality. With The Power of Focused Intent, Sandra Ingerman shares time-tested techniques and wisdom for creating far-reaching positive changes in your life, the lives of your loved ones, and in the world around you. This self-paced online course provides you with the tools and support to progressively build your skills, dissolve the barriers to manifestation, and draw upon the full support of the spirit world to change your reality.

What You Will Receive:

  • Six Video Learning Sessions—Sandra Ingerman presents six essential training sessions on shamanic practices for transforming self-defeating beliefs, connecting to spiritual support, and turning intention into reality.
  • Guided Shamanic Journeys—Each session includes guided shamanic journeys from Sandra Ingerman that will provide the foundation for the practices you’ll be using over the course of the month.
  • Downloadable Drumming Tracks—Use these audio tracks of shamanic drumming on your computer, mobile device, or to burn to a CD in order to facilitate your journey practice.
  • Practice Plans—Encouragement, reminders, and exercises for continuing your progress. These practices will help you build your skills and chart the growth of your capacity for manifestation.
  • Online Journal—Track your experiences, progress, and insights as your efforts begin to bear fruit in your life.
  • Complete Downloads of All Course Materials—The entire program of The Power of Focused Intent, including all the video, audio, and written material, is yours to keep and enjoy as you integrate shamanic wisdom into your life.

An Invitation to Discover Your True Creative Potential

From the time we’re children, we are told in countless subtle ways that we are small and powerless. Many of us feel as if our choices and actions can barely make a difference in our own lives, much less the world.

If you’ve ever felt that way, then Sandra Ingerman has an important message for you:

You are more powerful than you think.

As a human being, you have tremendous creative potential. When you step into that potential in an awakened way, you have the capacity to generate far-reaching positive changes in your life, the lives of your loved ones, and in the world around you—in short, to manifest your heart’s vision into reality.

How do you do it? As one of today’s top shamanic teachers, Sandra Ingerman has taught thousands of people effective techniques and methods for unlocking our innate capacity for manifestation.

And with any change, it all begins with intention.

Shamanic Practices for Magnifying the Power of Your Intentions

Spiritual luminaries have understood for centuries that our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions affect the world we live in. Incredibly, modern science is starting to show the same thing—study after study has revealed that even simple observation is enough to have a measurable impact on the physical world.

But what if there was a practice that allowed you to dramatically amplify your intentions?

With The Power of Focused Intent, Sandra Ingerman provides just that—time-tested shamanic methods for transforming your intentions into reality. In this unique online training course, you will learn techniques that allow you to dissolve limiting and negative thoughts, enter altered states of consciousness to elevate your creative energy, and tap into a greater vision of your purpose in this life.

What’s more, you will discover how your intentions can magnetize support—from others who share your goals, as well as your allies in the spirit world.

Results-Based Training in Manifestation

True manifestation isn’t just wishful thinking—it takes time and commitment to learn these techniques and begin to see results. With this program, you will take a progressive approach to integrating shamanic wisdom and practices into your daily life.

We will begin by learning how to undo our self-sabotaging conditioning and habits of negative thinking—the first and greatest hurdle we all must face. Using shamanic techniques for entering awakened states of consciousness, you will make contact with spiritual allies such as power animals who will help you develop the ability to harmonize your intentions with the universal frequencies that drive evolutionary change. Along the way, you’ll learn essential techniques and insights such as:

  • Guided journeys to find your supporting power animal, open your spiritual perceptions, and uncover your own “creation myth”
  • How to express difficult emotions in a healthy way without projecting toxic thoughts
  • Framing your wishes as decrees instead of petitions—a powerful shift in the way you relate to the spirit world
  • Creating your own altar and rituals to solidify your intentions
  • How letting go of the outcome paradoxically allows us to successfully achieve what we envision
  • Cultivating your inner garden—a long-term practice for nourishing the seeds of peace, joy, and freedom
  • Why a positive vision for the planet is not optimistic but realistic

Your Journey Begins Here

“It is time for each of us to truly follow our soul’s journey and step into our inherent creative gifts,” teaches Sandra Ingerman. “This might mean focusing on creating a better life for yourself. It may mean you are called to be of service during these challenging times. The real work is about letting go of the illusion of our powerlessness and embracing who we were meant to be.”

With The Power of Focused Intent, this master teacher invites you to join her on a journey to discover how great your potential truly is—and how you can use your untapped resources to generate positive change in your life and in the world.

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7 Review(s)

Review for The Power of Focused Intent Review by Kathy L


There's about 45 minutes of journey music. Not what I expected at all for the price I paid for it. I thought It was going to be instruction something like "Soul Retrieval" I thought something happened during download.

I have not gone through all the programs from this order to give a complete review but enough to know that this one is not satisfactory. (Posted on January 15, 2013)

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Review for The Power of Focused Intent Review by Elsie C


RE: Power of Focused Intent Course

The first video recording isn't desirable, there is a sudden sharp tone interfere somewhere half way through. It make me jump even during second time listening, as one can be quite immersed already in first half hour of listening to Sandra. (Posted on August 28, 2012)

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Review for The Power of Focused Intent Review by April Schaile


Sarah's work is amazing in general. She is an awesome teacher and great wisewoman. But this course was not as engaging as I would have liked. It didn't have enough structure for me, and it relied too heavily on the forum. While I did get some good hearty morsels from it, it was overall hard for me to keep my interest in it. (Posted on July 29, 2012)

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Review for The Power of Focused Intent Review by Thomas Sidebottom


This course hasn't met my expectations.

I like a fairly well-structured course with a defined syllabus and written materials for study. This course focuses mostly on monthly lecture presentations and forum interaction. While many of my classmates find the forums stimulating, they don't suit my temperament. I'm a relatively private person and the forums so far feel laced with artificial intimacy, which turns me off. The monthly lectures are too infrequent to maintain continuity for me. (Posted on February 28, 2012)

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Review for The Power of Focused Intent Review by Christine P. Green


I LOVE Sarah's books and cds/meditations/visualizations and have shared them, giving her full credit, and using them in my own workshops to inspire others and order her offereings for themselves. I am a bit disappointed however in this series as far as the online part ie the live presentation as there is a lot of repeating, and just listing and naming things to do without real teaching...As a workshop/retreat director, teacher and practitioner myself this is not new material, and I realize that leading a "circle"...and an invisible one at that different than a live in-person workshop, and maybe we are all learning how to bring it all forward in this online format...but I find that it is not sufficient say to give homework to participants like: "Merge with a star"...with no clear discussion of the process and how to do that. I know what to do..but beginners may not...and to tell the truth, I was hoping for deeper information myself. I am uncomfortable sharing this because I have great respect for all other of Sarah's excellent ways of communicating and her lifelong work...but, well, I think I was hoping for something a little more in-depth or focused. I'll be there next session nonetheless and appreciate the opportunity of Sounds True and the teachers...this is all a new way. (Posted on February 23, 2012)

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Review for The Power of Focused Intent Review by susan brown


This is a wonderful course.
Sandra is sharing many useful tools.
Thank you! (Posted on February 23, 2012)

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Review for The Power of Focused Intent Review by Chetna Lawless


I participated in the original course years ago with Sandra and I can say this is beautiful work which is deeply enriching and empowering. It is a delight and joy to be in community with visionaries, energizing the good dream. Blessings abound! (Posted on January 15, 2012)

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Self-Guided Video Course

Contents Video downloads (7 hours, 30 minutes)
Date Published January 19, 2012
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