The Power of Presence: CE Credits
​An Eight-Week Training Course for Awakening Consciousness and Living in the Now

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Essential Topics in The Power of Presence Online Training Course

The teachings in this program will help you create the conditions for conscious growth and transformation.

Some of the topics we will explore include:

  • Letting Go of Compulsive Thinking—Discover freedom from the source of suffering in the mind through this essential step in awakening to Presence.
  • Portals to Presence—Eckhart’s most effective tools for entering the Now and accessing Presence in daily life situations. (By the way, every space between the words in the sentence you’re now reading is nothing less than a portal to Presence!)
  • Working with the Pain-Body—The “pain-body” is Eckhart’s term for our unresolved emotional energy from past experiences. Learning to recognize the pain-body in action is the key to transcending the cycle of suffering this energy creates.
  • Understanding Ego—Getting clear on the nature of ego is a critical step toward engaging in conscious relationship and living a life of Presence. Discover Eckhart’s guidance for moving beyond our ideas about the people in our lives, in order to fully be with them.
  • Conscious Creation—How do we contribute wisely to “the world of form” and share our unique gifts? Explore what Eckhart calls “true originality through the balance of being and doing.”
  • Life Purpose—Becoming an expression of “awakening in action” for the greater good. As Eckhart teaches, there may be no more important way to be of service in the world

17.25 CE credits available!
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He lectures well Review by charles


I find Eckhart very insightful (Posted on May 22, 2017)

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The Power of Presence: CE Credits

Contents 17.25 CE Credits
Date Published April 25, 2017
Product Code CE05478