The Psychology of the Awakened Heart

A Training in the Four Essentials for a Healthy and Joyful Life

The Psychology of the Awakened Heart

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Compassion, Love, and Joy—The Buddhist Psychology of Well-Being

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The meditation practices passed down from the Buddha are beautiful, time-tested ways to awaken a compassionate, joyful, and loving heart. Buddhist psychology and research from modern neuroscience both show enormous benefits from using these methods as a regular practice or in conjunction with conventional therapy. With The Psychology of the Awakened Heart, master teacher Jack Kornfield invites mental health professionals and meditators alike to an eight-session online video course on the Buddhist psychology of well-being. Each session, Jack will present life-changing practices, wisdom teachings, and healing stories—offering a rich mix of practical and scientific information, as well as experiential exercises based on the timeless principles of Buddhist psychology.

Embodying both mindfulness practice and psychological insight, the teachings of the awakened heart will show us how to work with ourselves and others to keep the heart open especially in times of suffering, when we often shut down. You will learn techniques and practices to befriend and forgive ourselves and others; the personal and clinical benefits of the inner science of joy; how to practice the transformative art of forgiveness; ways to awaken the courage to be happy; and much more.

Join Jack Kornfield for eight sessions of powerful practices, heartfelt reminders, clear teachings, personal skill-building, and clinical tools, including:

  • The Four Foundations of healthy living: love, compassion, joy, inner peace (equanimity)
  • What modern neuroscience has shown to be benefits of these practices—healthier immune function, faster healing, improved brain and cell health
  • Guidance for cultivating love and respect for yourself and others
  • Awakening the heart of compassion—an act of courage, vulnerability, and the willingness to see deeply
  • The practice of forgiveness—letting go of blame, recrimination, and the need to be right
  • Understanding the mind’s role as story-creating engine—and how this faculty both helps and harms us
  • The many forms of self-delusion and how we can awaken from them
  • Guided practices for equanimity, peace, joy, and much more

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Customer Reviews

Review for The Psychology of the Awakened Heart Review by Sharon B

This program is wonderful. Jack Kornfield embodies compassion, love, humor, and peacefulness. I've watched these videos more than once and, every time I do so, I immediately feel my blood pressure drop. Well worth the money!

(Posted on 2/14/2014)

Review for The Psychology of the Awakened Heart Review by Edythe G

This was an excellent progam. Jack Kornfield is one of my favorite teachers. The meditations were enlightening and powerful. He said so many things that I wrote down, to memorize.

Thankyou for offering this course and please thank Jack Kornfield as well.

(Posted on 11/14/2013)

Review for The Psychology of the Awakened Heart Review by judy b

I've been really enjoying it though I'm already falling behind! Glad it will be available for a while..

(Posted on 10/25/2013)

Review for The Psychology of the Awakened Heart Review by Karen Z

I am enjoying the class. I appreciate that if I am not available on class day, I can listen later.
Thank you,

(Posted on 10/25/2013)

Review for The Psychology of the Awakened Heart Review by James L

Enjoying listening.

(Posted on 10/11/2013)

Review for The Psychology of the Awakened Heart Review by Had Walmer

I attended the excellent Sounds True Workshop W/ Jack at Lewis & Clark College. This contributed powerfully to my program teaching survivors/peers who have TBI in Portland, OR AND soon to be online!

Metta, Had Walmer,
Founder Of Gold Mind Meditation Project (Google blog)

(Posted on 9/5/2013)


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Date Published October 01, 2013
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CE Credits

Contents 11 CE credits
Date Published October 01, 2013
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