The Secret of Self Realization
Teachings to Access the Arising New Consciousness

Beyond the personal identity of every individual there is a deeper reality to who we are in our most essential nature. The Secret of Self-Realization is an intensive two-session audio program offering Eckhart Tolle’s core insights on the arising of a new consciousness on the planet—and embracing our role in this global transformation.

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When you realize that it’s unnecessary to think all the time, something miraculous happens: who you are beyond the self-image in your head begins to emerge. Join Eckhart Tolle in The Secret of Self-Realization for an intensive two-session program pointing us toward the firsthand experience of our essential nature beyond the mind.

After years of anxiety and depression, how was it that Eckhart came to suddenly realize a vastness of peace and inner freedom? Through the cessation of the thinking that was creating all of the drama in the first place, Eckhart discovered a sense of identity beyond “the little me.” The Secret of Self-Realization invites you to transcend the frustration and dissatisfaction of a thought-based life to experience the liberation that unfolds when the dimension of “being” takes precedence. Explore:

• The inner body as the doorway to an “I” of infinite depth

• The Now as a felt reality—not just an abstract concept

• Egoic power versus the power of life

• Connecting to the source of love and compassion

“Many of us are like transitional beings between two levels of consciousness,” explains Eckhart. The Secret of Self-Realization brings you vital teachings to help you meet the world in the awareness that precedes thought, connected to the limitless source of all that is.

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Contents 2 CDs (2 hours, 35 minutes)
Date Published September 15, 2015
ISBN-10 1-894884-81-7
ISBN-13 978-1-894884-81-5
Dimensions 5 1/2 x 4 3/4 inches
Product Code ET04643D

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Contents 1 Audio download (2 hours, 35 minutes)
Filetypes MP3, MP3 ZIP, M4B
Date Published September 15, 2015
ISBN-10 1-894884-44-2
ISBN-13 978-1894884-44-0
Product Code ET04643W