The Shaman's Path

A Practical Workshop for Awakening to the Spirit World

The Shaman's Path

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The first spiritual insight that human beings gained is still the most profound—that we are all manifestations of the divine. Shamanism, the most ancient form of meditative practice, gives us tools for touching our true sacred nature—and accessing our potential for healing, divination, and connecting with the spirit world. With The Shaman’s Path, Dr. Hank Wesselman invites you to learn tools and core teachings for practicing shamanism in our modern world. Drawing from nearly three decades of experience—with a special emphasis on the wisdom of Hawaiian kahuna Hale Makua—Dr. Wesselman presents three sessions of invaluable insights, guidance, and shamanic wisdom for the modern practitioner.

Session One: The Shaman’s Path in Our Time
When we travel the shaman’s path, we are engaging personally with the great mystery of existence—and moving toward a deeper understanding of how the divine is manifesting through our own lives. In this session, Dr. Wesselman explores why more and more people today are turning to indigenous practices as a way to reclaim our essential sacred nature, and what this means for our future as individuals and as a species. Join him to examine the role of shamanism in the modern world and the foundational practices that allow you to embark upon the shaman’s path, including:

  • Shamanic meditation—reliable, time-tested methods for entering altered states of consciousness and exploring the realms of spirit
  • Guidance for cultivating a direct transpersonal connection with the spirit realms
  • Indigenous traditions and the modern world—how shared wisdom has sparked a new phase of spiritual evolution
  • Spirit guides—what they are, how they appear to us, and how to build a relationship with them

Session Two: Encounters with the Kahuna
Hale Makua was one of the few Native Hawaiian kahuna wisdom keepers—a shaman, warrior, and mystic who became a revered spiritual teacher in his elderhood. Over the last eight years of his life, he developed a close friendship with Hank Wesselman, based on mutual respect and the sharing of shamanic wisdom. In this session, Dr. Wessleman illuminates some of the key lessons and practices he learned from this extraordinary teacher, including:

  • The core teachings of the kahuna mystics
  • The “three souls”—an essential concept in Hawaiian shamanism for understanding our true nature
  • Shamanic wisdom on past lives and the nature of the soul’s journey through multiple incarnations
  • Awakening to our immortal spiritual aspect, known as the “Oversoul”

Session Three: Shamanic Perspectives on Illness and Healing
Shamanic healing is about much more than fixing problems that arise in our bodies or minds—it is a means by which we move toward greater harmony with our world, ourselves, and our soul’s purpose. In this session, Dr. Wesselman explores the shamanic path to healing, and how to enlist the aid of our spiritual allies to provide the necessary insight and energy to make healing possible. Join him to explore:

  • The levels of healing and illness—how disturbances in the body and psyche can reveal important truths at the spiritual level
  • The shamanic perception of soul and reality
  • Key concepts for energy workers and medical intuitives from any tradition or background
  • Using the shamanic journey to gain information and generate healing energy
  • Soul loss and retrieval—a healing method for dealing with trauma and emotionally charged events

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Customer Reviews

Review for The Shaman's Path Review by misha g

excellent program! Hank is a clear and inspired speaker.
I wish the course was more practical. Guided meditations that each session was supposed to end with were strangely missing.

(Posted on 9/26/2013)

Review for The Shaman's Path Review by Kieth Ohlsen

The Shaman's Path with Hank Wesselman was informative, entertaining and enjoyable. Even though I have attended live sessions with Hank, the videos added another dimension and additional information.

(Posted on 8/27/2011)


Self-Guided Video Course

Contents 3 Video downloads (3 hours)
Date Published September 02, 2011
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