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The Sufi Path of Love

Entering the Heart of Hearts

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The Sufi Path of Love

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A lover of God, says the Sufi, is one who longs to be dissolved in the Beloved, in love's limitless ocean. For more than 10 centuries, the Sufis have perfected love's inner alchemy—the way the heart opens to the ecstasy of divine union. On The Sufi Path of Love, teacher and author Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee shares the secrets of this transformation, a “turning of the heart” that awakens the soul's innermost love affair. Weaving together dreamwork, the teachings of his own Naqshbandi order, the archetypal psychology of C.G. Jung, and more than 1,100 years of Sufi wisdom, poetry, and teaching stories, Vaughan-Lee takes us into the wonder of this spiraling inward journey. You will discover what is hidden within the deepest chamber of the heart; how this path uses the joys and sorrows of personal relationship as the prima materia for spiritual growth; how the fire of longing purifies us; and finally, how the lover surrenders blissfully into the arms of the Beloved.

“To be a lover of God is not an abstraction,” teach the Sufis. “It is a reality that permeates every cell of your body.” On The Sufi Path of Love, you are invited to share in this ancient wisdom of love and longing and to let your own heart's desire become a burning flame.


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