The Transformation

Healing Your Past Lives to Realize Your Soul's Potential

The Transformation

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Many of us yearn to live out our highest potential but can’t seem to make it happen. External circumstances such as money, the right job, or family demands seem to get in the way. But what if our greatest challenge to fulfillment wasn’t an external obstacle but rather an internal one? And what if it didn’t have anything to do with this lifetime, but a previous incarnation? This is the radical message Ainslie MacLeod shares in The Transformation.

In this empowering new approach to healing, Ainslie teaches us how to identify our past-life fears and then transform them into opportunities for growth and spiritual development. Join this renowned psychic to explore:

  • The ten most common past-life fears—and how each one contains the seed of its own healing
  • More than a dozen spiritual acts and exercises to help you move toward fulfillment and joy in this lifetime
  • Reaching “Stage-Four Consciousness”—the next evolutionary step our souls are striving to take
  • How the human species is “clearing out” our collective past-life traumas to make way for a global transformation

Ainslie’s spirit guides suggest that we are standing on the brink of the greatest leap in human consciousness in 55,000 years. For each of us to take an active part in this shift, we must learn how to release the fears our souls have accumulated over many lifetimes, while retaining the essential wisdom that each incarnation has given us. Rich with practical techniques and compelling stories, The Transformation is a fresh examination of one of the most critical yet often overlooked elements of spiritual awakening.

Ainslie MacLeod has used his talents as a psychic to explore the soul and its effects on human beliefs and behavior for more than a decade. The author of The Instruction, Ainslie was a featured teacher on “Oprah’s Soul Series.” Currently, he teaches at the Omega Institute and Kripalu. Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, he now offers guidance to clients worldwide from his home in the Pacific Northwest.


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Customer Reviews

Review for The Transformation Review by Michael A

Pretty basic.

(Posted on 1/13/2014)

Review for The Transformation Review by Kathleen

Excellent tool for spiritual growth.

(Posted on 1/8/2014)

Review for The Transformation Review by Judith P

I am working with this information. I find it very helpful.

(Posted on 1/3/2014)

Review for The Transformation Review by Allison F

I have not finished reading this, however it is detailed and interesting exploration into the way our past lives and experiences can influence and motivate our present lives. The work reminds me of Edgar Cayce, the master in past life regression and information. I have not finished the book but the jury is out, in my mind, about how useful past lives are for us. I am working on living in the present moment and reflecting on lives I cannot remember strikes me as counter productive for me!

(Posted on 3/2/2013)

Review for The Transformation Review by marcia zumwalt

I gave regressions 30 years ago and enjoyed his content and organization, very engaging

(Posted on 7/1/2012)

Review for The Transformation Review by Marsha Schaeffer

very interesting. encourages me to look into more info on past lives. have shared the book with others who also like it.

(Posted on 1/3/2012)

Review for The Transformation Review by paddy mckeag

best parts of the book for me :
1. Ainslie’s (and/or maybe his spirit guides) sense of humor always there
2. his willingness to share his less than exemplary behavior so that when you find yourself bawling your eyes out in the back yard about your bad behavior you can take comfort from knowing some one you now admire had unattractive moments too and moved on
3. giving me a guide to use every day for all sorts of issues I have, big and small
4. helping me know I’m not crazy
5. don’t be embarrassed to reveal my “hocus-pocus” self
6. I have spirit guides that won’t let me hurt myself

most helpful in showing me new knowledge for me by using the examples he chose :
1. when I think I have been a person who has lured someone into a relationship which is disastrous for them, maybe I should only take 50 % of the blame – and change my thinking to they copped out on me too, and compassion for them is the best route
2. my freezing cold hands and feet, which in this lifetime, drive me crazy, might have come from a death in a cold place. this year I found this more annoying than ever, now I think maybe it may have been an opportunity to try and give myself comfort about the event
3. I have 5 voices who are every day giving me advice – sometimes nicely, sometimes not – I thought these voices were past life memories helping me this time – so maybe not
4. even though I have certain fears that are stronger than others, and so took Ainslie’s online course – all fears need attention from me, for me to be the most in balance with my soul

(Posted on 5/12/2010)

Review for The Transformation Review by Bill Bishop,Sr.

As you read through Ainslie's books you will discover his journey, and why he is so gracious in sharing what he is discovering ! a bridge I am compelled to let him help me cross.
Thank you Ainslie...

(Posted on 5/11/2010)

Review for The Transformation Review by Kathy Dannel Vitcak

Where have I been hiding? Somehow, I JUST discovered Ainslie MacLeod's work and I am ecstatic I have done so. I actually read The Transformation first and then The Instruction, but there is no "order." The Transformation goes into great detail about how each of us can delve within and begin to heal our past life traumas and issues. You will learn, in easy to understand language, how to discover what your greatest past-life fears are...and yes, you DO have them! Then Ainslie will take you through the steps necessary to ensure you are able to move through those fears and heal them.

This is all done in an easy-to-read, yet still very comprehensive manner. His writing style is perfect for this type of work. Warm, comforting, yet telling it like it is!

If you have an interest in past lives, working through your "stuff" or just living a better life and understanding yourself a bit better...then grab this book now. If only there were more stars I would give them.

Thank you, Ainslie MacLeod, for finally listening to your guides and bringing us this book!

(Posted on 5/11/2010)


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