The Unfolding Now

Almaas explores the simple but challenging practice of presence.

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As an introduction to his book The Unfolding Now, Almaas explores in these talks the practice of presence-being aware of and living in the now. He explains how this central practice of the Diamond Approach® addresses the basic spiritual quest for self-realization. When we can be with the truth of our present experience, we invite our essential nature to reveal who and what we truly are in a dynamic and immediate way. As he elucidates this truth, Almaas also explores some of the elements that are involved in engaging this simple but challenging practice.

The Unfolding Now

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands Book Talk
  2. Boulder, CO Book Talk

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Review for The Unfolding Now Review by Tom F


Having read the book several times, I was expecting that the audio book would highlight the wonderful content of the book. However, whenever Hameed speaks there still is much to consider. (Posted on October 16, 2013)

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