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The Way of the Superior Man: The Teaching Sessions

Revolutionary Tools and Essential Exercises for Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire

The Way of the Superior Man: The Teaching Sessions

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It's time to evolve beyond the macho jerk ideal, all spine and no heart, teaches David Deida. It is also time to evolve beyond the sensitive and caring wimp ideal, all heart and no spine.

So begins The Way of the Superior Man, a spiritual guide for today's man in search of the secrets to success in career, family, relationships, and intimacy — now available on audio for the first time in this original author adaptation.

In his own words, this internationally renowned expert on sexual spirituality offers a complete 4-CD course filled with straightforward advice, empowering skills, body practices, and more to help listeners, male and female alike, realize a life of fulfillment, immediately and without compromise.


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Customer Reviews

Saved my marriage; accentuates content of book; better than book Review by dmal

Deida's message and the various techniques covered here supercede the text of the book. Audio learners should get this instead of the book. I am forever grateful to Deida for letting it rip about what it means to be a man. His message of responsible manliness and loving savagery is rarely heard anywhere else, lately. The masculine teachings were part of our culture, but were devaluated temporarily thanks to massive cultural shifts, but are ever relevant and largely missing from the philosophy and tactics of the modern man. It is time for men to again realize how to lead. All men need the fundamental tools Deida teaches in these sessions. You probably already know whether your next prudent step is to purchase this and make these practices part of your operations.

(Posted on 5/22/2016)

Life changing Review by PazMan

Read this book, then read it again. This book identifies the essence of man it validates what is within men already and provides men with a more focused ability to recognise and embrace the man within.

I am yet a novice on his teachings but already this has changed my life. My ability and capacity for love has attracted wonderful life experiences and I have refreshed both my belief in myself and my gift but in my purpose, my soul and the reason for my existance.

I have found again my essence of love expression and am living in the fullness and openess of love and woman.

Read ths book, then read it again. Enjoy, grow, live and love.

(Posted on 7/7/2015)

Review for The Way of the Superior Man: The Teaching Sessions Review by M.J. Chichester

I might be missing something so ignore if I am off too far. Anyway, I was expecting the audio to be a reading of the book. Instead recordings are talks put together from David Deida himself. (I had someone read some of their favorite portions of the book, so thought to continue by buying the audio.) Even though not exactly what I expected, I still listened to most of the talks three or four times--trying to get all the good stuff covered by the talks. (Besides, I was painting a bedroom so listening made the work go by quick.)

(Posted on 7/31/2014)

Review for The Way of the Superior Man: The Teaching Sessions Review by Charles T

I never received the CDs. Can you please look into it please & give me a call or write me. My phone number is 954-598-3901. Thanks.

(Posted on 6/26/2014)

Review for The Way of the Superior Man: The Teaching Sessions Review by Fred B

Deep and moving. David's understanding of the way that male and female energies interact, blend, butt heads and merge was a breath of fresh air compared to most of the "mars/venus" stuff. I have listened at least 6 times so far and I probably understand about 5% of the material with any depth. Deida's work invites you in the most compassionate way to explore your own depths as a man and to find your next level.

(Posted on 6/25/2014)

Review for The Way of the Superior Man: The Teaching Sessions Review by Brian B.

Some have questioned Deida's integrity or authenticity as a spiritual teacher... But all I can say is: If you want to become a more confident, more fulfilled man, this program will help you achieve that. This isn't your typical soft, lovey-dovey, mushy spiritual stuff we're all accustomed to. Deida pulls no punches and holds nothing back. Hardcore feminists might not like some of the things he has to say, but, the reality of the matter is that there are fundamental differences between the sexes and Deida isn't afraid to explore those differences. I highly recommend this program for men, and also for women who are interested in understanding their men better.

(Posted on 1/7/2012)

Review for The Way of the Superior Man: The Teaching Sessions Review by Joseph De Capua

Thought he was kind of pompous and odd. Not easy to follow. Disappointed.

(Posted on 2/28/2011)



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