The Yoga of Sleep

Sacred and Scientific Practices to Heal Sleeplessness

The Yoga of Sleep

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An Integrative Approach to Healthy Sleep

We're in the midst of an epidemic of sleeplessness, with half of adults struggling with insomnia and a host of health risks associated with inadequate rest and sleep. Yet we're all aware of the benefits of good sleep, from vibrant health to better productivity to happier relationships, and more.

On The Yoga of Sleep, Dr. Rubin Naiman integrates effective sleep science with time-honored sacred perspectives to help us reclaim the full potential of our nightly journeys.This practical two-CD course begins with a discussion of “the lost art of sleep,” which examines common disorders and how to promote natural, healthy sleep.

Dr. Naiman shares techniques for managing an agitated mind, letting go at day's end, optimizing your “sleep setting” (or environment), and more. We then join him for five guided practices including:

  • Rituals and rhythms—a contemplation on the essential elements of healthy sleep
  • A mindful surrender to sleep—meditation, relaxation, and hypnotic techniques for a smooth transition to sleep
  • Coming to—the sacred art of awakening

Dr. Andrew Weil has called his colleague Dr. Naiman a true pioneer in integrative sleep and dream medicine. On The Yoga of Sleep, Dr. Naiman invites us to open the “gracious gift” each night presents, and return to the deep serenity that lives at our core.


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Customer Reviews

Review for The Yoga of Sleep Review by Karen E

Even though it has been downloaded onto my desktop, I have not gotten a chance to listen to in up in my bedroom on my Ipad, since it is such a long audio, my Ipad is unable to accommodate that length unless I try deleting other things that I have downloaded onto it. It would be good for the site where we order these items, if it would warn us to check how much memory it requires to download. I am disappointed that I have been unable to evaluate this audio, since I was really looking forward to using it so it could help me in general and was wanting to use it while I was on a trip but was unable. Not sure if I should ask for a refund or keep working on deleting other items to make room for this. Didn't want the CD, since there is background noise and excess noise when discs end in general, and that has woken me up when CD is done.

(Posted on 8/16/2013)

Review for The Yoga of Sleep Review by Audrey O

It put me to sleep!

(Posted on 11/29/2012)

Review for The Yoga of Sleep Review by Jamie Laidlaw

I am learning loads and the application on relistening is quite easy.

The hypnagogic parts are great.

Excellent value

(Posted on 5/21/2012)

Review for The Yoga of Sleep Review by carole wilding

I cannot recommend this CD enough. It actually works and has given me a new insight into sleep and how to welcome the night. The new way of journaling is truly enlightening. Even if you sleep well this CD is well worth having.

(Posted on 4/29/2012)

Review for The Yoga of Sleep Review by steven grainger

Wonderful perspective on sleep. Very interesting and effective processes. There seems to be a great depth of personal practice, humility and wisdom that inform Rubin Naiman's approach. A great balance between scientific process and spiritual practice.

(Posted on 8/31/2011)

Review for The Yoga of Sleep Review by Elaine Hughes

This CD was not at all what I expected and the sound was terrible.

(Posted on 3/23/2011)

Review for The Yoga of Sleep Review by Patricia Vannelli

I bought if for my husband who has to travel a lot and suffers with sleep problems. He loves it and says he hasn't made it to the end of the CD yet!

(Posted on 3/14/2011)



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