To Be a Man

A Guide to True Masculine Power

To Be a Man

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Awards and Acknowledgements:

  • Spirituality & Practice Best Spiritual Books of 2015 selection

I’ve got it all—a great job, relationship, and lifestyle—so why do I feel so dissatisfied and disconnected?

Why am I not happier in my intimate relationships?

How do I become more powerful—without becoming that jerk everyone dislikes?

Robert Augustus Masters has helped thousands of men address and work through such issues. What he’s found is that the common solution to these dilemmas is challenging yet clear: we must face our unresolved wounds, shame, and whatever else is holding us back, bringing “our head, heart, and guts into full-blooded alignment.”

With To Be a Man, this acclaimed psychotherapist and relationship expert offers a groundbreaking and deeply insightful guide to masculine power and fulfillment. To Be a Man clarifies what’s needed to enter a manhood as strongly empowered as it’s vulnerable, as emotionally literate as it’s unapologetically alive—a manhood at home with truly intimate relationship.

In this book, readers will explore:

  • How your past may be dominating your present
  • Shame in its healthy and unhealthy forms, and how to make wise use of it
  • How vulnerability can be a source of strength
  • Emotional literacy—an essential skill for relational well-being
  • Releasing sex from the obligation to make you feel better
  • How to disempower your inner critic
  • Bringing your shadow (whatever you’ve disowned in yourself) out of the dark
  • Embodying your natural heroism and persisting regardless of fear
  • What women need from men
  • Understanding and outgrowing pornography
  • Entering the heartland of true masculine power

If you’ve read your share of popular advice on relationships and being a man—but realize on a gut level that it’s going to take some serious inner work—here’s a great guide to that most rewarding of challenges: doing what’s needed to fully embody your authentic manhood.


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Customer Reviews

So much to learn in this book with very precise wording. Review by Tanou

I consider this book as the bible for a healthy manhood that encompasses and embraces all that we are, including shadow and wound healing, spirituality, sexuality, our strengths and our vulnerabilties. Probably a must have for a man engaging in men's work.

(Posted on 3/19/2015)


Hardcover Book

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