AM/PM Qigong

Gentle Energy Practices to Start and End Your Day

AM/PM Qigong

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Yin and yang—the energies of Qi—have specific qualities. Yang is activating, energizing, and uplifting; while yin restores, calms, and soothes us. In the practice of Qigong, both are equally important to our health and happiness. With AM/PM Qigong, viewers join Master Robert Peng to learn two beginner-friendly practices for kick-starting your day with vibrancy and joy, and winding down for a restful, healing sleep. "Good Morning Qigong" combines gentle stretches and invigorating exercises with guided meditation to awaken you to your true nature as awareness itself. "Good Evening Qigong" modifies the morning routine for nighttime, soothing, relaxing, and nourishing the entire body. Although intended for morning and evening practice, these 30-minute exercises can be used effectively at any time during the day when you need to pick up the pace or to slow things down.

AM/PM Qigong also brings you a special supplementary practice that Master Peng calls the "Lotus Meditation," a 24-minute guided visualization to awaken the heart and connect us to divine love.


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Customer Reviews

Clear and easy to follow Review by Biba

Great program! I am new to QiGong and I followed it very easily. It is not too long and can be easily put in routine. After 2 weeks, I feel so much better... and after 3 months, my flexibility and strength have really improved.

(Posted on 10/20/2016)

Clear and helpful Review by carol

I appreciate the distinction of winding up my energy and helping to anchor a pace in my body, and I appreciate help settling my energy for sleep.

The movements are clearly filmed and narrated.

It's my attention to be able to be less distracted by thoughts triggered by certain environmental sounds/sights. I would find the awareness meditation more helpful without music because Robert directs us to hear what's in our environment and it's hard to do that with music.

(Posted on 1/1/2016)

Clear, easy to follow and healing Review by Dianne

Robert Peng explains and demonstrates with total clarity, making all the Qigong moves easy to follow. Add to that, Qigong works. These videos are excellent teaching tools, making me a Qigong enthusiast and a Robert Peng fan.

(Posted on 11/19/2014)

Review for AM PM Qigong Review by Jorge L

This is an excellent video for someone like myself who is new to Qigong.

(Posted on 10/17/2014)

Review for AM/PM Qigong Review by Loraine v

I absolutely love my morning and evening quigong routines! Robert Peng is so present, so calm in the routines and the meditation. Also love the background music. Very relaxing and a lovely workout to stimulate and experience your chi!!

(Posted on 10/5/2014)

Review for AM/PM Qigong Review by Constance R

Wonderful program to add to my existing Qigong collection.

(Posted on 9/28/2014)

Review for AM/PM Qigong Review by Celeste A

Thank you for a great video! Both the am and pm routines are beautifully taught. I have done similar routines with other teachers but Robert brings his own special gentle touch and insight to the movements and meditations. I would recommend this to anyone.

(Posted on 9/26/2014)

Review for AM/PM Qigong Review by Teri J

Outstanding. New material not covered in the book and matching video, so I found this extremely useful. Well explained and beautifully executed.

(Posted on 8/27/2014)

Review for AM/PM Qigong Review by raydiant

at times the soundtrack is too redundant, but otherwise a wonderful blessing. beautiful experience.

(Posted on 8/19/2014)



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