Cultivate Longevity

A beginner-friendly qigong training program for increasing your life-sustaining energy.

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"The purpose of qi gong practice is not just to add years to your life, it is to add life to your years," teaches John P. Milton. Cultivate Longevity teaches you the fundamentals of Chinese longevity practice. The exercises on this DVD focus on clearing blockages from your body's energy channels, developing your connection to the world around you, and learning how to use your natural batteries to store the vast energy of qi.

The Qi Gong for Long Life series condenses the most essential lessons from qi gong and t'ai chi expert John P. Milton into three DVDs, giving you the chance to experience an authentic qi gong retreat at your own pace. Cultivate Longevity includes 14 easy-to-use reference cards to let you take your qi gong practice outdoors, where you will be able to tap into the natural healing energy from the world around you.

This is qi gong as it was meant to be practiced—transmitted from an experienced master under the open sky, where you can truly channel the qi of heaven and earth to strengthen your health, increase your vitality, and enrich the years of your life. Perfect for beginners seeking to establish a foundation in qi gong.


  • Smiling Energy practice for infusing positive, affirming emotions into every cell of your body
  • Crane Massages—ideal for clearing stagnant energy from your abdominal organs
  • Four Bears Practice—an easy-to-learn exercise related to t'ai chi, which provides the same benefits of physical fitness, prevention of illness, and a deep connection with the earth
  • Posture of the Tao—combining classic meditation and qi gong energy practice for mental clarity and presence
  • 14 reference cards for practicing each empowering qi gong technique in natural surroundings

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Review for Cultivate Longevity Review by Lucas


Apologies to John P Milton for my previous review. One week on and I can see that I was much too harsh.

The silly mistakes in the study guide are still a problem, and I still don't think this program stands alone as a complete instruction in beginner's qigong, which is why 4 stars.

But by following John's tips and guidance I believe you can build a much more powerful practice than you will with many other teachers out there. (Posted on September 28, 2014)

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Review for Cultivate Longevity Review by Lucas


I'm pretty disappointed overall. After reading great things about these videos I bought the series of three plus John's T'ai Chi for Liberation. I can see the potential for learning a powerful practice, but it's just a bit too confusing and impractical.

I am not a total beginner, having done some Spring Forest Qigong in the past. Which was lucky because as I worked through the study guide I came across things that conflicted with what I had learnt before (e.g. doing the active exercises two hours before eating or half an hour after. Other teachers say the opposite, 2 hrs after, 0.5 hrs before).

Closer examination shows that there are other mistakes in the study guide, where sections have been copy-and-pasted and clearly don't apply to what they're describing (e.g. rising and falling arms during "The Turtle of Long Life", which is just a movement of the head).

It's easier to learn the techniques working along with the video, and I can feel the qi powerfully. The downside is the video instruction is too long in one session (1.5 hrs) and has no guidance on how to break it up if working along with it.

I can imagine once you've learnt each position from the video, you can create your own routine, which will as little or as much time as you like. However you would need to ignore the contradictory information, somehow learning from another source what is true.

I have now started Ken Cohen's "Essential Qigong Training Course" instead, which is much better structured and not as error-ridden. I might return to these after I'm confident I have learnt the basics properly, but by then I might have no need for these and may return them. (Posted on September 21, 2014)

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