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Our beliefs about what happens when we die define how we live today. And more and more of us are discovering a radical truth: when we release our fear of death, we open to an immensely richer life right here and now. But how do we incorporate this profound insight into our everyday lives?

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About the book:

Our beliefs about what happens when we die define how we live today. And more and more of us are discovering a radical truth: when we release our fear of death, we open to an immensely richer life right here and now. But how do we incorporate this profound insight into our everyday lives? With Death Makes Life Possible, Dr. Marilyn Schlitz presents a wealth of teachings and practical guidance on how to turn this taboo topic into a source of peace, hope, connection, and compassion.

Featuring contributions by eminent scientists and scholars, spiritual leaders and devout skeptics, health practitioners, and people from all walks of life, this far-reaching work offers a companion to the award-winning documentary of the same name, revealing the myriad ways that we grow and change by expanding our perspectives on the ultimate mystery facing each one of us. Join Dr. Schlitz to learn more about:

• How facing the fear of death can motivate us to reprioritize our goals, expand self-worth, and help promote social harmony

• Dreaming and the transformation of death—the fascinating connections and new perspectives we can gain by paying attention to the world of our dreams

• Life, death, and the quantum soul—how post-materialist scientists are introducing new ways of understanding life as part of a nonlocal, interconnected universe that exists outside of linear space and time

• Shifting our collective discourse from “one of fear to one of awe and wonder” in order to heal ourselves and the world we share

“Understanding our relationships with the seen and unseen realms of everyday existence offers us new possibilities for living a big, juicy life filled with humility, purpose, meaning, and hope,” explains Marilyn Schlitz. With Death Makes Life Possible, she offers a treasury of teachings with the power to transform every aspect of our lives. Foreword by Deepak Chopra.

Praise for the book:

“With brilliant intellect and warm heart, Dr. Schlitz beautifully makes the age-old case that confrontation and contemplation of death brings one more vibrantly to life! I heartily recommend it.”—Robert “Tenzin” Thurman, professor of Buddhist Studies at Columbia University and author of Love Your Enemies (with Sharon Salzberg)

“The fear of death and total annihilation has caused more suffering in human history than all the physical diseases combined. Thus Marilyn Schlitz has performed an immensely valuable service in Death Makes Life Possible by reminding us of our eternal, immortal Self.”—Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind and Barbara Montgomery Dossey, RN, PhD, author of Florence Nightingale

“The tears most of us will shed about death could create a wall against life—or a ladder to the heavens. Schlitz’s brilliant book presents dozens of worldviews about death, and as I closed the last page, I felt a metamorphosis . . . death really is only a shift in awareness, an awakening to expansion.”—Cyndi Dale, author of The Journey After Life

About the film:

Death is something that most people fear and don’t want to think about. But is it possible that facing our mortality can inspire us to live our lives more fully? Death Makes Life Possible follows cultural anthropologist and scientist Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, as she explores the mysteries of life and death from a variety of perspectives and world traditions.

Sparked by her own near-death experience as a teenager, Dr. Schlitz has been delving into the nature of consciousness and death for the past three decades. The film looks at how popular culture deals with the ever-present fear many have about our own mortality. Interviews with mental health experts, cultural leaders, and scientists explore the meaning of death and how we can learn to live without fear. The interviews and evidence presented are interwoven with personal stories of people facing their own death as well as those who report encounters beyond death. The narrative is illustrated with vivid imagery.

Death Makes Life Possible features some of the leading scientists, anthropologists, philosophers, spiritual teachers, and thinkers of our time—including Yassir Chadley, Deepak Chopra, Mingtong Gu, Stuart Hameroff, Lauren Artress, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dean Radin, Rupert Sheldrake, Rudy Tanzi, Luisah Teish, Dr. Jim Tucker, and others (see list below).

Coproduced by Deepak Chopra, MD, and Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, and distributed by Specialty Studios.

Featured in the film:

• Lauren Artress, DMin, Episcopal minister

• Ed Bastian, PhD, religious scholar

• Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, New Thought minister, Agape founder and spiritual director

• Julie Beischel, PhD, parapsychologist

• Daryl Bem, PhD, social psychologist, Cornell

• Yassir Chadley, Sufi Imam and musician

• Deepak Chopra, MD, physician, writer, and spiritual teacher

• Mingtong Gu, Qi Gong master

• Bruce Greyson, MD, physician and expert on near-death experiences

• Stuart Hameroff, MD, physician and quantum physicist

• Rick Hanson, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of Buddha’s Brain

• Edgar Mitchell, PhD, Apollo 14 astronaut and founder, Institute of Noetic Sciences

• Dean Ornish, MD, physician, author, and head of Preventive Medicine Research Institute

• Dean Radin, PhD, psychologist and parapsychologist

• Tony Redhouse, Navajo hoop dancer and hospice healer

• Brenda Sanders, PhD, molecular biologist

• Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, biologist

• Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School

• Luisah Teish, storyteller and initiated elder (Iyanifa), Nigeria

• Jim Tucker, MD, child psychiatrist

• Jean Watson, PhD, RN, nurse educator

Film reviews:

“Highly recommended. Deeply personal, yet universal in scope, Death Makes Life Possible is not just about how to die peacefully and gracefully; more importantly, it describes how to fully live.”—Dean Ornish, MD 

“Skillfully and gently raises the curtain on what we think of as the last act in our play of life. A landmark production, not to be missed.”—Light of Consciousness magazine

“Stunning in terms of beauty, richness of detail, heart, and wisdom. Brings tears and inspiration.”—Larry Dossey, MD

“At Hospice Maui, our Spiritual Care Counselors are particularly attuned to the existential suffering that is often present as someone faces their last days in this world.  The film Death Makes Life Possible is a very welcome and very powerful new tool. We will be using it for years to come, not only to help relieve the suffering in some of our patients, but also, and sometimes much more importantly, with their families to ease their grief and distress before and after the death.”—Dr. R. Gregory LaGoy, BS, ND, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, Hospice Maui, Inc.

“A superb training opportunity for professionals who work with families facing death. Told through riveting personal narrative and scientific evidence, the film deepens our awareness of continuity of consciousness to reframe the entire journey.”—Lisa Miller, PhD, professor & director, Clinical Psychology Program & Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Teachers College, Columbia University

Death Makes Life Possible approaches the millennia-old question, ‘What happens after death?’ from a variety of perspectives. When one understands both the process and event of death, it provides one a greater appreciation for and understanding of life. The film does well to present the idea of ‘life—or not—after death’ from a critical perspective. Each cultural, religious, and scientific perspective of death is given space to provide explanation for its description of what happens after death. This film is noteworthy in a time when most Americans try to pretend that death does not exist, yet it is an experience shared by all forms of life. So, what is the key to understanding death and the idea of life after death? One interviewee noted that ‘The key to the conquest of death is to know who you really are.’ This provides one with a greater appreciation of the life lived. This film is suggested for sociology, counseling, neuroscience, religion, and health care—the facets of all these subjects that deal with the study and understanding of death.”—Rodney Birch, Educational Media Reviews Online


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