War and the Soul
Healing Our Nation’s Veterans from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

A compelling examination of the psychological wounds of war and how to heal them.

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War is inevitable. So is the devastation it causes. According to Dr. Edward Tick, the trauma of modern warfare is so deep that it devastates the psyche. The Veterans Administration now recognizes that almost 20 percent of Iraq returnees have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Their symptoms—including suicide, homicide, criminal activities, domestic violence, substance abuse, and unstable family and employment relationships—threaten their future, as well as the health and stability of families and communities. War and the Soul reveals the true devastation that is born from combat violence and shows us how to rise up from the ashes to create healing so that all of our vets may finally come home.

In this landmark work, Dr. Tick says the key to healing is in how the individual understands PTSD. In modern warfare’s overwhelming violence, the soul—the true self—flees and can become lost for life, thus creating an identity or “psycho-spiritual” disorder. This groundbreaking title will take you on a journey into the individual lives of veterans—from the falling mortars of WWII and Vietnam, to the casualties of Iraq and Afghanistan—and prove that it is possible to reach beyond the world of conventional medicine and treatment in order to nurture a positive identity based in compassion and forgiveness for yourself or someone you love.

War and the Soul is the winner of ForeWord Magazine’s 2005 Book of the Year Award (BOTYA) in psychology and has earned the support of several national figures. Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-NY) calls it, “… a fascinating look into the minds of veterans.” Jan C. Scruggs, founder of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall) in Washington, D.C., exclaims, “With a resounding salute to those who have given their lives, this book empowers us to overcome the soul loss that is the result of all wars.” Lt. Frank Hill of the 758th Forward Surgical Team reports that, “War and the Soul is a great tool and comfort and has been passed around my team for the past few months out here (in Afghanistan) … Dr. Tick’s guidance is golden to me.”

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Contents 1 Paperback book(329 pages)
Date Published October 01, 2014
ISBN-13 978-0-8356-0831-2
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