Yoga Chants

Deepen Your Yoga Practice with Authentic Sanskrit Chant

Yoga Chants

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Perhaps no one is more qualified to offer a program on the practice of both yoga and chant than Richard Freeman, who lived in India for nearly a decade mastering Sanskrit chant and how it can complement and enrich the practice of yoga. Now he shares the fruits of his intensive study with Yoga Chants, a two-CD instructional program on the authentic meaning, precise pronunciation, and yogic application of traditional Sanskrit chant.

Drawing from the Upanishads and other classical yoga texts, Yoga Chants helps listeners invoke the sacred, find deeper meaning and empowerment in their yoga practice, and reach the ultimate goal of all yoga, namely liberation. Through commentary on the literal translation and modern understanding of the chants, and featuring the opportunity to participate in call-and-response chants of several Sanskrit mantras, Yoga Chants presents:

  • Why chant completes yoga practice in a way no pose alone can
  • The science of sacred sound—proven physiological effects of chant
  • Ancient chants from India for overcoming delusion, cultivating peace and prosperity, awakening insight into the happiness of pure Being, and much more

With Yoga Chants, listeners are invited to join world-renowned expert Richard Freeman for a session they can revisit time and again, to bring voice into harmony with body in an ever-deepening experience of realization and freedom.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Yoga Chants Review by Jean M

Wonderfully informative. He communicates the background and meaning of the chants so clearly. Love this.

(Posted on 8/2/2013)

Review for Yoga Chants Review by Kelly O'Reilly

This CD set is just what I had hoped for as I am interested in learning the proper pronunciation of Sanskrit chants. This is just what these CDs were designed to teach and they are well done. Freeman also explains the meanings of each chant and how to use them in your spiritual practice. I've been practicing these chants in the car as I drive and listen to the 2nd CD.

(Posted on 7/1/2013)

Review for Yoga Chants Review by Anne M

I am working my way through this 2 CD set. I bought it for learning/academic purposes since further formal yoga training is not an option at this time. I have considered myself to be a silent meditator, but several of the chants really appeal to me so I'm adding them to my meditation. As it says in the accompanying booklet, 3 chants are ancient Vedic chants and others "are in classical Sanskrit ranging from simple metered invocations to lyrical devotional songs." Richard's voice is calming and there is a vibrating instrument that adds to it-sorry I'm not knowledgeable in that area as to its name. In short- what a gift this work is for the yoga student!

(Posted on 10/23/2012)

Review for Yoga Chants Review by kaye yuan

Great~ I enjoy very much

(Posted on 1/1/2012)

Review for Yoga Chants Review by Jerry Starbuck

I have listened to many versions of the Ashtanga Yoga Invocation. This is by far the best learning tool. On track five Richard teaches the correct pronunciation of each word, then each line... slowly! This was money well spent.

(Posted on 5/31/2011)



Contents 2 CDs (120 minutes)
Date Published December 01, 2004
ISBN-10 1-59179-207-X
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Date Published December 01, 2004
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