Your Heart's Prayer

Following the Thread of Desire into a Deeper Life

Your Heart's Prayer

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Somewhere beneath the surface of our wants and needs lies a deeper longing,­ a yearning that connects us to who and what we are in our essential being. On Your Heart's Prayer, Oriah Mountain Dreamer takes you on an inspirational journey into the soul's desires, bringing a new vision to what it is that matters most.

Addressing a lack of fulfillment felt all too commonly in our culture today, Oriah draws from her training in the tradition of shamanic medicine to show you how to recognize­ and respond to your soul's true calling. With poetry, meditations, exercises, and a blend of ruthless honesty and humor, she details the way to narrow the gap between how we want to live and how we're actually living. Join this gifted speaker as she shows you:

  • The difference between craving and longing, ­and the peace this distinction brings
  • How to overcome the fear of following our longing, and trust in the lights of encouragement all around us
  • Why "Slow down" and "Let go" are the two most important instructions in a spiritual life, and much more

One of the portals into spiritual awakening is our longing,­ the ache that we have in the center of who we are, teaches Oriah Mountain Dreamer. On this long-awaited audio course, this celebrated visionary invites you to enter that gateway ­ and the path to fulfillment with Your Heart's Prayer.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Your Heart's Prayer Review by Sandra J

My expectations were exceeded. Oriah's sharing is deep, personal, and hit home with me. She gave so much of herself and the depth of her sharing took me the deeper aspects of who I am. I so appreciated her words, "I will surrender to who you say I AM." And I will listen again.

(Posted on 10/6/2014)

Review for Your Heart's Prayer Review by Marjorie E

Powerful set of CDs. My first time listening to Oriah. Her words helped better understand my own beliefs, and better explain them. Thank you, Oriah. Thank you, SoundsTrue!

(Posted on 10/1/2014)

Review for Your Heart's Prayer Review by Nirved W

I've used them with our monthly Soul Gathering group, people of varied spiritual paths enquiring deeply into 'what is'. All have found them inspiring, supportive, so human, and redolent of the feminine face of spirituality, without any polarisation. Thank you.

(Posted on 3/11/2014)

Review for Your Heart's Prayer Review by katherine aimone

This is such a supportive and interesting talk, covering many topics that interest me. I will come back to it over and over. I highly recommend it.

(Posted on 1/25/2014)

Review for Your Heart's Prayer Review by Liz Stewart

Oriah's self disclosures are very honest and witty. I feel touched profoundly with her take on life. Each time I listen to the CD I enoy deeper insights and greater awareness of my own path. Truly inspirational. Thank you so much.x

(Posted on 3/6/2011)

Review for Your Heart's Prayer Review by David Bushman

Oriah is able to speak to me. She has always been able to help me validate my own feelings and gives me ways to open up to the abundance of this universe, whether it be intimate interpersonal relationships or universal truths. Your Heart's Prayer is a beautiful lecture on how to slow down and get involved in this wonderful journey.

(Posted on 3/5/2011)

Review for Your Heart's Prayer Review by Shirley

This is a fabulous CD set. It's like sitting with Oriah and listening to her great wisdom and deep- deep thoughts. Everytime I listen to it I hear something new! Love it!

(Posted on 10/11/2010)

Review for Your Heart's Prayer Review by Terry

Oriah guides us into an inner journey full of wisdom, beauty, and community. Her voice is soothing and I love this cd set.

(Posted on 8/17/2010)



Contents 2 CDs (150 minutes)
Date Published June 01, 2002
ISBN-10 1-56455-982-3
ISBN-13 978-1-56455-982-1
Dimensions 5 3/4 x 5 inches
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Date Published June 01, 2002
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