Your Soul's Evolution

Practices for Catalyzing Your Spiritual Awakening

Your Soul's Evolution

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Your Soul Yearns to Evolve. Isn't It Time to Let It Happen?
If there's any question in your mind about your purpose in life, Michael Bernard Beckwith says the answer is to evolve—to activate the impulse within you to express your highest potential in all aspects of your life. How do you do it? Through spiritual practice. Your Soul's Evolution: Practices for Catalyzing Your Spiritual Awakening offers you Michael Bernard Beckwith's time-proven spiritual technologies for embracing the evolutionary energy that governs the universe—and your own life. His seamless blend of dialogue and guided practice invites you to discover:

  • How sincere interest and conscious intention become spiritual magnets for clarity of insight and intuition
  • The three modalities of meditation—contemplative, existential, and spiritual—and how each one contributes to your development
  • How to create the mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions for realizing life's uniquely individualized expression as you

The time has come to stop leaving the evolution of your spirit to outside circumstances and instead to become a conscious and joyous participant in the process, teaches Michael Bernard Beckwith. With Your Soul's Evolution, he provides a complete set of tools and teachings to “become more and never less than your true self.”


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Customer Reviews

Review for Your Soul's Evolution Review by robin sigler

enjoyed listening to this. the type of audiobook that you will want to listen to more than once.

(Posted on 7/15/2012)

Review for Your Soul's Evolution Review by DR DENISE HALL



(Posted on 7/14/2011)

Review for Your Soul's Evolution Review by lola alexander

this is a PROFOUND cd, i really enjoyed listening to it, i am willing to go deep to change, i am willing to serve and activate my poential . i think the word is willing. i believe any teacing can be received if you are willing to open to receive. whoever purchased this cd and was disappointed and didnot like it, ( rememer what you dislike about others is that part of yourself yearning to come forth and grow. darlene if you focus with your heart there is some immediate growth waiting to submerge. such a waste to purchase it, i believe u purchased it, because you desired a hunger to want more

(Posted on 1/21/2011)

Review for Your Soul's Evolution Review by Tracy C

I totally agree with Darlene C. I had high hopes for this lecture series, and it is only my second Sounds True set. But as soon as I started listening I was thoroughly disappointed with his delivery style. He was yelling and preaching. And the flowery language he used did not make it easy to understand the points he was really trying to make. I understand that being at this lecture in person was probably a different experience entirely, but listening to this as it is in CD format was not satisfying at all. $30.00 down the drain...sigh.

(Posted on 5/13/2010)

Review for Your Soul's Evolution Review by Christy

I was actually at this workshop & it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Rev. Michael & Rickie BB are both wonderful people with great insights & talents. I have no idea what this prior reviewer is talking about...? Rev. Michael didn't yell at all during the workshop & his style isn't preachy...for someone who professes to LOVE Rev. Michael, I'm confused as to her reaction. He didn't do anything he doesn't do at Agape, other workshops, etc..
My only complaint is that this was a several day workshop, so why the editing to only 3 hours??!! That's too much editing for my taste...but I'm sure the essence of what he said is there. Get the CD set, you will grow spiritually if you put into action the things he shares....& Rickie BB's singing is off the charts!

(Posted on 1/2/2010)

Review for Your Soul's Evolution Review by Darlene Coleman

I bought my CD at Whole Foods, rushed home to play it, and was really disappointed. I felt like Michael was yelling at me (us) and it was VERY preachy. I felt like I was attending a Baptist church service. The information was probably great, profound and insightful- but I couldn't tolorate listening to it long enough to find out. I love Michael Beckwith- but this I couldn't take. Instead of talking in easy to listen to language, it sounded like a lot of pontificating...wish he would have just been himself and a little more "gentle" in his delivery... bummer.

(Posted on 9/21/2009)


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