In this free video teaching, you'll

  • Discover a time-tested map for identifying and living out your true calling
  • Learn a revolutionary—and perhaps surprising—approach for overcoming the fears, attachments, and beliefs that hold you back
  • Explore four keys for aligning more with your purpose right now
  • Understand how some of yoga's central philosophies can be powerful tools for transformation
  • Begin to cultivate a life of exceptional fulfillment and spiritual meaning while participating fully in the world

About Stephen Cope

photo of Stephen Cope

Stephen Cope, MSW, is the founder and former director of the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living and a psychotherapist who regularly writes and teaches on the intersection of Western psychological paradigms with Eastern contemplative traditions. Known for his ability to make advanced, esoteric teachings accessible for Western audiences, he has been helping others transform their lives through the wisdom of yoga for over 30 years. Cope is the author of several bestselling books including The Wisdom of Yoga and The Great Work of Your Life.

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