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Mindfulness and the Brain

A Professional Training in the Science and Practice of Meditative Awareness

Mindfulness and the Brain

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Mindful awareness creates scientifically recognized enhancements in psychology, mental functions, and in our interpersonal relationships. But how can we integrate this information into our personal or professional lives? In the Mindfulness and the Brain online course, Jack Kornfield, PhD, and Dan Siegel, MD, offer theoretical and experiential teachings on the power of inner transformation and the cultivation of a wise and loving heart. With thoughtful dialogue and practical tools, this interactive professional development training offers therapists, healers, educators, parents, meditation practitioners—and anyone else interested in developing a healthy mind—an intriguing exploration of what it means for us and our world to be able to shift our awareness.

Complete with memorable anecdotes and real-life stories that illustrate key concepts, Mindfulness and the Brain offers a comprehensive training with specific learning objectives including: utilizing mindful practice to help reduce suffering and promote resilience; how a “resonance circuit” enables an individual to attune to oneself and others; and incorporating intrapersonal attunement to catalyze mental, interpersonal, and psychological well-being. Via weekly video downloads, you’ll receive more than seven hours of progressive insights and teachings from these renowned experts as well as seven different practices and exercises on audio to use in your personal or professional life. To deepen your learning, two live interactive Q&A sessions will be offered with Jack Kornfield and Dan Siegel.

From thorough explanations of scientific findings and down-to-earth Buddhist perspectives to moments of stillness and laughter, Mindfulness and the Brain invites you to discover a more integrated and connected way of knowing and developing a wise and loving heart.

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Course objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the science behind Mindful Awareness.
  • Receive direct, first-person experience of mindful awareness.
  • Integrate the science of mindful awareness with that of mind, brain and relationships.
  • Understand ways in which mindful living can be directly applied to everyday life.

Course Highlights

  • Six weeks of immersive study of the power of mindfulness in enhancing our health, relationships, and mind, including two live sessions with Jack Kornfield and Dan Siegel
  • Practical ways to incorporate compassion and forgiveness in our work and our life
  • The powerful effects of mindfulness training on the body and mind
  • Mindful awareness as a form of “intrapersonal attunement” that cultivates mental, interpersonal, and physiological well-being
  • The power of the integration in helping us create more balanced lives
  • The “resonance circuit” that enables an individual to attune to others and oneself—and how mindfulness practice strengthens this connection
  • How a combination of psychotherapy and mindfulness practice can help reduce suffering and promote resilience

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Customer Reviews

9 Item(s)

Review for Mindfulness and the Brain Review by Reta G

Excellent program! I learn more each time I listen.
I highly recommend this one.

(Posted on 11/14/2013)

Review for Mindfulness and the Brain Review by John V

excellent talks

(Posted on 9/9/2012)

Review for Mindfulness and the Brain Review by andrew meek

Overall I found this useful but some of the scientific explanations were a bit long winded.They could have been more concise.Although not a Buddhist I found some of Jack Kornfields inputs interesting and helpful.

(Posted on 9/5/2012)

Review for Mindfulness and the Brain Review by Anca Paunica

Excellent training. immensely inspiring

(Posted on 10/16/2011)

Review for Mindfulness and the Brain Review by Peter Buecker

Simply amazing! Highly recommend.

(Posted on 8/28/2011)

Review for Mindfulness and the Brain Review by tracie story

Excellent product, having already read and listened to work from both of these exceptional men, i am really enjoying the visual format this time.

(Posted on 8/22/2011)

Review for Mindfulness and the Brain Review by Jose Miqui

This course is very powerful to help you understand how your brain and mind operate. It is like having your own brain and mind user's guide to optimize your potentials.

(Posted on 8/7/2011)

Review for Mindfulness and the Brain Review by Emma

A brilliant course, can't recommend it enough, has influenced my practice with my clients greatly, the way it explains complex material in a humane, experiential and practical way is just enlightening. Thank you so much

(Posted on 7/19/2011)

Review for Mindfulness and the Brain Review by lene eriksen

I find it a blessing to be able to experience this valuable education, *live* , while sitting in my livingroom In Norway. Thank you to all. Sincerely Lene

(Posted on 3/31/2011)

9 Item(s)


Self-Guided Video Course

Contents 12 Video downloads; 8 Audio downloads; Set of written course materials
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Date Published October 11, 2011
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CE Credits

Contents 10 CE credits
Date Published August 03, 2011
Product Code CE02577