Insights at the Edge

Tami Simon's in-depth audio podcast interviews with leading spiritual teachers and luminaries.
Listen in as they explore their latest challenges and breakthroughs—the leading edge of their work.

Lodro Rinzler: Meditation and Kindness: Two Keys to Creating an Enlightened Society

Jeff Strong: Drum Healing

Jeff Foster: The Way of Rest

Jonathan Foust: The Issues Are in Your Tissues

Patrick O’Malley: Getting Grief Right

Linda Graham: Cultivating Response Flexibility: Neuroscience in Psychotherapy

HeatherAsh Amara: Putting your True Work at the center of your life

Diane Musho Hamilton: The Evolutionary Power of Mindful Communication

Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach: Big Insights: The Power of Awareness to Change Your Life

Wendy Strgar: Sex That Works

LiYana Silver: “We Are Embodied Light” – Discovering Your Feminine Genius

Caroline Adams Miller: Getting Grit

Ruth King: Race, Rage, and the Healing Power of Mindfulness

Henry Grayson: Your Self-Healing Power

Richie Davidson: New Frontiers for Creating Healthy Minds

Judith Orloff: How To Thrive as an Empath

Emily Bennington: Becoming a Clear Channel for the Expression of Love in This Moment

Gabor Maté: The Roots of Healing

Alexandra Katehakis: Grown-Up Sex

Karena Virginia and Dharm Khalsa: Tapping into the Light: Essential Kundalini Yoga

Acharya Shunya: An Infinity Mindset and its Implications for Your Health

Bessel van der Kolk: Fluid, Alive, and Optimistic

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: Living in Free Fall: The Path of the Holy Rascal

Larry Ward: Mindfulness in Action, in Business

Bonnie Badenoch: Trauma and the Embodied Brain

Reverend angel Kyodo williams: Warrior Spirit

Theresa Reed: What the Tarot has to say about 2017

Shamini Jain: The Missing Link Between Consciousness and Healing

José Luis Stevens: Encounters with Power

Amy Kurtz: Kicking Sick

Mooji: Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space

Nancy Colier: Waking Up from Our Addiction to Technology

Terri Tate: A Crooked Smile

Hank Wesselman: The Re-Enchantment

Damien Echols: Magick

Jacqueline Freeman: Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees

Janine Shepherd: A Broken Body Is Not A Broken Person

Shinzen Young: The Science of Enlightenment, Part 2

Shinzen Young: The Science of Enlightenment, Part 1

Snatam Kaur: Original Light

Krista Tippett: Virtue, Hope, Flesh & Faith

Elena Brower: Following Your Homing Intuition

Cheri Huber: There Is Nothing Wrong with You

Eric Kaufmann: The Four Virtues of a Leader

Raghu Markus and Parvarti Markus: Love Everyone, Serve Everyone

Terry Real: Fierce Intimacy

Mark Nepo: Holding Nothing Back

Diana Fosha: The Transformational Therapist

Tehya Sky: A Ceremony Called Life

Iyanla Vanzant: Truth is Light

Jack Kornfield: Difficult Times & Liberation

Michael Carroll: Mindful Leadership

Lissa Rankin: Leaps of Faith in a Benevolent Universe

Lama Tsomo: Finding the Ocean of Joy: Tibetan Buddhist Practice for Westerners

Bruce Tift: Buddhism Meets Psychotherapy

Dream Yoga, Part 2

Dream Yoga, Part 1


Practicing the Tao Te Ching

Meditation at Work

Growing Up Mindful

Waking Up: What does it really mean?

Self-Acceptance and Perspective-Taking

The Yoga of Awakening

The Choice to Have a Healthy Brain

Grateful Living in the “Double Realm”

Standing for the Spiritual, in a Secular World

An Ultra-Spiritual Meeting with JP Sears

Endless Enlightenment

The Power of Ceremony

HeatherAsh Amara: Becoming an Artist of the Spirit

What’s in the Way Is the Way

Inside the Mind of Temple Grandin

Whatever Arises, Love That, Part 2

Resolving Anxiety at Its Root, Part 2

Intellectual Diversity

Waking Up in Prison

Make Us Instruments of Love and Action

Resolving Anxiety At Its Root, Part 1

Whatever Arises, Love That

Led by Spirit

Embracing the World: Resurrecting Jesus

Caravan of No Despair

The Book of Rounds

Through the Fire to Liberated Tenderness

Energy Healing for Animals

The Axial Moment of Healing

Welcoming Whatever Arises

Offering Everything to the Divine

Rousing Openheartedness

Healing Beyond Reason

Pointers to Open-Hearted Awareness, Part 2

Nirvana and Samsara Are the Same Thing

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

No Mud, No Lotus

Reginald A. Ray: Hard Questions for a Vajra Master

This Is Woman’s Work

Shaking It Up

Psychotherapy 2.0

Pointers to Open-Hearted Awareness, Part 1

Conscious Weddings

The Art of Subtraction

Lunar Spirituality, Loss & Faith

Death Makes Life Possible

The Parallel World of the Ancestors

Finding Beauty in a Broken World

Activating the Energy of the Goddesses in Your Life

Already Free

Kevin Griffin: Not Too Unhappy

Welcome to the Human Race

Choosing to Live Well with Pain and Illness

Unbinding the Heart

Numinous Experience

The gifts of ALL emotions—including depression

Making ‘We’ the New ‘I’

The Liberating Power of Self-Compassion

Mainstreaming Meditation

Despair Cracks Open Your Heart

Gateways to Inner Knowing

Teaching Yoga and Meditation to Kids

Turning Towards What’s Difficult

Awake at Work

Emptying Out

This Life Is Joy

The Business Yogi: “I Can Do a Lotta Shit”

The Courage to be Vulnerable

Walking in Light

Taking the Leap

The ‘Good Enough’ Interview

True Masculine Power

Pleasure Is a Meditation in Disguise


Being Authentic

Spiritual Awakening in the Relational Field

The Spiritual Dimension of Reality, Part 2

Erin Olivo: Emotional Literacy

By Thy Grace

The MindBody Code, Part 2

The MindBody Code, Part 1

Honoring Our Returning Warriors

A Yogi in Love with Life

Great Doubt, Great Confidence . . .

Intimacy with the Body: Energy Medicine Yoga

Playing Big

Relationship Is a Skill

Creativity On Demand

Wisdom of a Lakota Elder

Insights from Ayurveda

A Ceilingless Conversation

The Radiance Sutras

The Inner Revolution Is On

Healing the Core Wound of the Heart

The Devotional Heart of Deva Premal

The Power of Divine Eros

Peter Jack Rainbird: Unravel

I Want to Grow More Than I Want to Be Safe

The Spiritual Dimension of Reality, Part 1

Exploring Embodied Awakening

The Mindfulness Revolution

The Tao of Intimacy and Ecstasy

Mindfulness in Nature

The Joy that Death Does Not Have the Power to Destroy

Balancing the Brain and the Power of Choice

Freedom from Depression

The Cello and David Darling in Love

Uncovering Your Natural Brilliance

Plant Spirit Medicine

Big Magic

Embracing the World: Resurrecting Jesus

Uplifting Energy

The Presence of Spirit

Living from the Inside Out: The Importance of the Third Metric

Awaken the Inner Shaman

Keeping the Faith Without a Religion

Rumi, Grace, and Human Friendship


The Master Key: Awakening the Four Golden Wheels

Life Visioning

Deeper Dimensions of Mindfulness, Part 2

Deeper Dimensions of Mindfulness, Part 1

Cyndi Dale: What Happens When We Die?

We Are Always Dreaming

Love of the Truth, Without End

Breaking the Approval Addiction and Expressing Our Creative Gifts

Freedom at Work

The Forgiveness Challenge: Shifting from Narrow Mind to Spacious Mind

The Desire Map: Living in Alignment with Your Core Desired Feelings

Peter Fenner and Jeff Foster: Unconditioned Awareness and the Challenges of Everyday Life

No Situation Is Unworkable

Tending the Heart Fire

What Can We Learn from Viniyoga?

The Art of Empathy, Part 2

The Art of Empathy, Part 1

What are Spirit Guides?

Rick Hanson: Self-Directed Brain Change, Part 2

Rick Hanson: Self-Directed Brain Change, Part 1

Love, Loss, and Opening the Spiritual Heart

The Sweet Ache of Longing and Loving Well


The Path of Dream Yoga

Choosing to Be Awake

Mindfulness as an Act of Love

When Deep Faith Meets Deep Reason

Falling in Love with Sleep

Tara Brach: Radical Acceptance

Presence Through Movement

Intuition Travels on Love

Meditation as Loving Life

Putting Your Relationship First: Lessons from Your Brain on Love, Part 2

Putting Your Relationship First: Lessons from Your Brain on Love, Part 1

Beyond Pap Smears and Mammograms: Real Women’s Health

Transformational Speaking

Red Hot and Holy, Part 2

Red Hot and Holy, Part 1

How Personal Writing Can Save Your Life

The Power of Sacred Art

We Are Designed for Self-Healing

Emotional Intimacy, Part 2

Emotional Intimacy, Part 1

The Empowered and Empowering Yogini

Being at the Frontier of Your Identity

Your Cells Are Listening, Part 2

Your Cells Are Listening

The Liberating Power of Self-Compassion

Mothering and Daughtering

From Small Death to Big Life

The Two Languages of Spirit: Silence and Art

Turning Towards What’s Difficult

Insights from a Nondual Rabbi

Becoming the Poem

Active Dreaming in the Multiverse

Erin Olivo: A ‘Wise Mind’ and Regulating Our Emotions

Brené Brown: The Courage to be Vulnerable

By Thy Grace


Invoking the Goddesses of Yoga

Jeff Foster: The Deepest Acceptance: Part 2

A Fast Track to Awakening: Activating the Three Dan Tians

Yoga and Psychological Health

Listening to Our Deepest Wisdom, Part Two: The Marriage of Spirit and Matter

Listening to Our Deepest Wisdom, Part One: The Soul’s Vulnerability

Dream Tending

Meeting a Good Witch

Manifesting Through the Chakras

Jeff Foster: The Deepest Acceptance

Resolving Anxiety at its Root, Part 2

Resolving Anxiety at Its Root, Part 1

Cynthia Bourgeault: When Two Become One: Love Beyond Death

Servant Leadership

Empowerment and ‘Navigating the Drift’

The Rational Psychic

Orgasms and Beyond

Love of the Truth, Without End

The Extraordinary Power of the Imagination in Healing

Consenting to the Presence of God

Awakening Kundalini

Living from Interconnectedness and Intention

Descent and Renewal

The Power of Slow

Keeping Our Brains Healthy as We Age

Remembering Our Wholeness

The Secret Sound

Healing the Core Wound of the Heart

Letters from the Infinite

Reginald A. Ray: The Awakened State

Being Music

Choosing Health

Matrix Energetics and the Field of the Heart

Naked with the Beloved

The Love of Divine Rebels

Embodiment and Spiritual Sensitivity

The Power of Emotional Connection

The Two Wings of Happiness

The Neuroscience of Change

Dancing with Cancer

Freedom from Pain

Remote Viewing

Soul Land

Innovation within an Ancient Tradition

The Aramaic Jesus

Who Is Singing?

Freedom from Depression

How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

Holding Nothing Back

Brainwave Entrainment

Creativity as Faith in Running Shoes

Jewish Meditation

Intuitive Vision

Life Visioning

God and the Brain

Uplifting Energy

The Mindfulness Revolution

Reiki as a Spiritual Path

Henry Grayson: Change in an Instant

Rumi, Grace, and Human Friendship

Breathing Space into Space

Wisdom of a Lakota Elder

Falling in Love With Sleep

Healing Touch for Everyone

Untie the Strong Woman

Embodied Realization

Cyndi Dale: Energetic Boundaries

Emotional Commitment and Great Sex?

Invoking Spirit and the Power of Ritual

Vitality, Courage, Daring

The Illusory Ego

Prayer and the Reality of Evil

On the Creative Life

Buddhism Meets Psychotherapy

A Courageous Spirituality

Conscious Business

Awakening the Body

Sound As a Nutrient

The Trickster Redeemer: Woof, Woof, Wanna Play?

It’s All in the Breath

Relationships, the Brain, and Zero Negativity

Cynthia Bourgealt: Encountering the Wisdom Jesus

Like a Tree

In the Flow

The Translucent Life

Shaking it Up

The Guru Question

The True Nature of Mindfulness

Being With Dying

Kahuna Wisdom

A new way to talk about, think about, and treat cancer

What Native American Wisdom Can Offer Modern Medicine

Secrets to Live to be 100

The Chakra Journey

Breathing God

Financial Healing

Waking Up With Money

Cheri Huber: There is Nothing Wrong With You

Meet Dr. Quantum

The Body Awake

The Way of Nature

Living Yoga

Tara Brach: True Refuge

Yoga Nidra—The Sleep Yoga

Happiness Is a Skill

Meditation and Kundalini Awakening, Part Two

Meditation and Kundalini Awakening, Part One

The Collapse of Certainty

Shedding Anything Other Than the Sacred

Chanting as a Heart-path to God

The Practice of Gratitude

Reginald A. Ray: Dark Retreat

Writing as Spiritual Practice

A Meeting with a Pioneering Meditation Teacher

Running and Walking as Spiritual Practice

Meditation at Work

Exploring Out of Body Experiences

The Power and Bliss of Qi

Exploring the Mystery of Hands-on Healing

Exploring Fractal Time

Caring for the Soul in Difficult Times

Presencing Awareness

Riding the Waves

Learning from Non-Ordinary States

Pith Instructions

Exploring your “Spiritual Personality”

Discovering the Musical Body

The Spiritual Transformation of Capitalism

Healing Trauma

Music to Love the World Awake

Great Doubt, Great Confidence, Great Courage

The Practical Art of Divining

Evolutionary Mysticism

Shamanism and Spiritual Light

Full Spectrum Sound Healing

The Wisdom of the Yoga Sutras

What Our Cells Can Teach Us

The Devotional Heart of Deva Premal

The Wisdom in Our Emotions

The Art of Subtraction

Being at the Frontier of Your Identity

Healing Past-Life Fears

The Power of Qi

Finding Happiness at Work … and in Life

The Dangerous Old Woman, Part Two

The Dangerous Old Woman, Part One

Wisdom 2.0

Ultimate Flexibility

Awakening to the Spirit World

The Science of Medical Intuition

Underneath the Midlife Crisis

Awakening Is Endless

2012 and Natural Time

What is Radical about Radical Forgiveness?

The Power of Self-Hypnosis

Choosing to Live Well with Pain and Illness

Facing Death to Live Fully

Undoing the Ego

Inviting the Presence of the Divine, Part Two

Inviting the Presence of the Divine, Part One

Kundalini Awakening

Integral Transformation, Part Two

Integral Transformation, Part One

Financial Independence—A Redefinition

Discernment on the Spiritual Path

Finding Beauty in a Broken World

Living as a River

The Art of Manifestation

Doing Well by Doing Good

What Makes a Healthy Mind

Cyndi Dale: Destiny and the Chakras

Richard Mendius: Neuro-Dharma

Rick Hanson: You Can Change Your Brain

Diamonds in the Dark

The Axial Moment of Healing

Hard Questions for a Vajra Master

Taoist Sexual Secrets

Healing Beyond Reason

The Mind-Body Code

Judith Orloff: Emotional Freedom

The Empowered and Empowering Yogini

Becoming an Oracle

The Discovery of Eternal Truth

Beginning Anew

Meditation Is for Everyone

Tara Brach: Radical Acceptance

Jack Kornfield: Difficult Times and Liberation

Reading the Akashic Records

Living the Undivided Life

No Situation Is Unworkable

Conscious Evolution

Shifting Through the Underworlds

The Many Angles of 2012

The Politics of Dynamic Change

Tipping Points

Jump Time

Widespread Awakening

The Mayan Calendar