The Power of Awareness with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

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Welcome to the Power of Awareness Mindfulness Training.

The present moment is the place from which your entire reality is created. Your work, relationships, home life and day to day experiences all spring forth from your thoughts, feelings and actions that occur in a string of infinite moments.

But how many of us are truly aware of the thoughts, feeling and actions that give birth to our lives? How many of us have taken the time to cultivate and grow one of the critical skills that is required to create the life and world we dream of?

In-depth mindfulness training is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take on your path of spiritual growth and evolution.

And this is why we're thrilled to invite you to participate in our upcoming 7-week training and mentoring program with world-renowned mindfulness teachers, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

You'll learn valuable mindfulness skills and tools, develop a regular meditation practice, receive mentoring throughout the course and obtain a Certificate of Completion from the University of California, Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center—all while you experience the power of awareness to transform your life and the world.

How Awareness Changes Your Life

By becoming more aware, we enhance our capacity to cope with life’s challenges with dignity and elegance. In The Power of Awareness program you’ll begin to nurture the following qualities within yourself:

Nurture Healing Qualities Within Yourself


Learn to work with and transform your difficult emotions, feelings and thoughts on a moment to moment basis

Nurture Centering Qualities Within Yourself


Learn to stay calm, focused and balanced for greater effectiveness regardless of external events and circumstances

Nurture Presence Qualities Within Yourself


Learn to bring presence to your interactions by slowing them down and responding to them instead of habitually reacting to situations

Nurture Connection Qualities Within Yourself


Learn to bring awareness into your relationships to dramatically improve the quality of your interactions in all spheres

Nurture Expansion Qualities Within Yourself


Learn to tap into a limitless source of loving awareness that you can give to yourself and share with the world

The reason that Jack and I were inspired to form the Awareness Training Institute and create The Power of Awareness is because we’ve witnessed how transformative awareness practices are for the thousands of people that we’ve worked with—people facing the greatest losses, caught in the grip of anxiety, or struggling with depression or addiction. We’ve seen these people use this kind of training to find their way back to an inner place of balance, peace, and freedom.

Tara Brach

Cultivating a State of Mindfulness

It’s time to open up to a life full of presence, deep peace and abundant joy!

Most of us live our lives running from task to task, distraction to distraction…

We wake up each morning with an endless list of “to-do’s” and often feel like we haven’t accomplished anything meaningful.

We meet and interact with many people throughout our day but yearn for a deeper sense of connection and intimacy. We are tossed around by the ups and downs of our emotions and the events of our lives and accept this as “normal.”

woman with cup of tea

And even though we have the intention to take time for ourselves and to meditate,
these often get put at the bottom of our list because life simply takes over.

man meditating on beach

With the dawning of each new season we wonder...WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?

But it doesn't have to be this way!

When you understand the transformative, healing power of mindful awareness, you dramatically shift the experience of your life, the people in it, and the world itself.

Let us ask you a few questions...Are you open to fully living in a state of peace and joy, moment to moment?

Are you ready to feel truly VIBRANT and ALIVE
and let go of the negativity and blockages that have held you back?

AND... Are you ready to create the life and existence you know is possible and waiting for you?

If you answered yes to any of these we invite you experience The Power of Awareness, an in-depth mindfulness training program created to help you take the next step in your personal and spiritual evolution.

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Creating Your Personal Meditation Practice

You probably already know the importance of meditation for your personal and spiritual growth, but like many others it may not yet be something you do every day.

As a member of The Power of Awareness, over the next seven weeks, Jack and Tara invite you to start and commit to a daily mindfulness meditation practice.

They will lead you through weekly teachings many of which will conclude with a short 15-minute meditation.

In addition to the teachings, you’ll also receive daily guided meditations to deepen your practice.

As questions arise throughout the mindfulness training you’ll have a mentor to turn to for answers. You and up to 11 other people taking the training will be a part of a small group that will meet with a mentor and be present to share insights and experiences with each other.

You’ll work through a progression of topics that gently guide you inward. Each time you sit to meditate you give yourself the gift of awareness and presence.

You’ll be learning how awareness can help you access more of who you really are.

You’ll learn how to watch and quiet the mind. You’ll learn to slow down.

You’ll start to bridge the states of calmness, peace and compassion you experience during meditation into your daily life. As you do this your life itself becomes a living meditation.

And at the end of the seven weeks you’ll be on your way to having your own meditation practice, one that you continue to use well into the future.

Your Course Guides and Facilitators

Two of the most experienced and celebrated teachers in the West, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach have founded major meditation centers in the United States and have each been teaching for more than forty years.

As mindfulness gains in popularity, it became critical to Jack and Tara that the best of these powerful meditation tools be made available to all who might benefit from them. For the very first time, these two respected and beloved teachers have joined forces to create and offer you the transformative mindfulness training: The Power of Awareness.

During the upcoming program, Jack and Tara guide you on an inner journey that will weave lighthearted stories, inspiring quotes, and inner practices to illuminate and deepen your understanding of mindfulness.

This training can help you enhance your relationships, your work and your inner and outer life.

Here is more about Jack and Tara:

Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield has been teaching meditation internationally since 1974 and is one of the key teachers to introduce mindfulness practices to the West. After co-founding the Insights Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, he went on to be founding teaching of the Spirit Rock Center in Woodacre California. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Tara Brach

Tara Brach holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is the founder and senior teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC (IMCW). She is the author of the best-selling book Radical Acceptance and True Refuge: Finding Peace & Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart. Tara's weekly podcasts are downloaded by more than 20,000 people daily.

What You’ll Receive in the Program

The Power of Awareness was created with YOU in mind. It is designed to be a transformative mindfulness training that gives you a system you can use for your own personal growth and transformation. Here’s the structure of the program:

screenshots of training on laptop and tablets


Power of Awareness Video Trainings: 26 Videos with Over 9.5 Hours of Teachings

Each week you will gain access to a new set of insightful and engaging videos with Jack and Tara. Over the course of seven weeks you’ll immerse yourself in the best content focused on mindfulness concepts, practices, and instructions.

Watch these online or download the files. You will also receive 6 recorded Q&A sessions to supplement the content and help you apply it in your life.


Power of Awareness Mentoring Sessions

Learn with your own mentor and be part of an ongoing mentoring group


Power of Awareness Reflections Course Workbook

Reflection questions are offered as another way for you to deepen your experience. Enjoy your private course workbook to conveniently document your answers and refer back to it as needed.


Power of Awareness Guided Meditation Practices

Explore masterful guided meditations with Jack and Tara based on their over 40 years of teaching. You’ll receive three types of meditations inside the mindfulness training.

  • Meditations within the Teachings: At the end of the teaching sessions you will be given a short guided meditation practice.
  • Guided Meditations: You will be given guided meditations to help you go deeper with the existing teachings.
  • Optional Practices: You will have the choice to do optional practices if you want to explore a topic further, if desired.


Personal Journaling Exercises

Journaling is one of the most powerful tools for deepening your self-understanding. The course includes your own, personal online journal that you can access any time with recommendations for journal topics suggested throughout.

The Power of Awareness Curriculum

Here’s an overview of the mindfulness training curriculum:

Week 1 - How to Establish Your Practice & Awaken to Your Body

In Week 1 you will focus on the basics of mindfulness while receiving the foundational practice of conscious breathing. You’ll learn how to harness the power of the body as a gateway to the world of sensations so you can open your awareness in all domains of your life.

Topics this week include:

  • What Mindfulness Truly Is and Is Not
  • How to Deepen Your Capacity for Presence
  • Establishing Your Personal Practices
  • Mindfulness and Breathing Foundations
  • Using Your Body as a Gateway to Sensations
  • The Power of Sensations as an Opening to Awareness
  • How to Stay with Bodily Sensations
person meditating while sitting on grass

Week 2 - Mindfulness with Your Emotions & Freedom with Your Thoughts

In Week 2 you’ll learn the art of bringing mindfulness to your emotions, feeling states, thoughts, and thought patterns. A big misconception is that mindfulness is somehow disconnected from emotions. Nothing could be further from the truth as you use your emotions to support and guide you on the path.

Topics this week include:

  • Developing a Wise and Gracious Relationship to Your Feeling Life
  • Building Your Capacity for a Wider Range of Emotions
  • Responding to Your Life Circumstances vs. Reacting From Fear
  • Move Beyond Your Controlling Thought Patterns
  • “Relaxing to Open” as a Gateway to Freedom
person sitting on bench on mountain

Week 3 - How to Work with Difficulty in Your Life

In Week 3 you’ll learn strategies to awaken to mindfulness and compassion when you’re in the thick of difficulty. You will see how to navigate trauma, strong fear, and the overwhelming feelings that can come with great loss, and balance these with a sense of presence and loving kindness. We will look at tools for breaking free from reactivity and, instead, learning to consciously respond to life’s events.

Topics this week include:

  • The RAIN Strategy (Remembering to Remember)
  • Core Elements of the Awareness Journey
  • Breaking Your Patterns of Reactivity
  • Finding Your Inner Resources in the Face of Trauma
  • How to Lean into Your Fear for Resolution
person resting chin in their hands

Week 4 - Expanding the Love for Yourself and Others

In Week 4 you’ll learn about the powerful healing that self-forgiveness can bring to your life and you’ll receive practical tools for deepening your self-forgiveness journey. Take this step further by learning how to widen your “circle of compassion” and to forgive others in your life.

Topics this week include:

  • The Healing Power of Self-Forgiveness in Your Life
  • The Art of Loving Kindness
  • Essential Training in Forgiveness
  • Forgiving Others, Forgiving Ourselves
  • Holding Others in our Heart
  • Widening Your Circle of Compassion
  • Working Together with Others
person stretching in sunshine

Week 5 - Creating Mindful Relationships

In Week 5 you will bring the skills of mindfulness to your relationships to deepen and strengthen your authentic bond with others. Move beyond unhealthy relationship dynamics and discover the importance of taking care of your sexual energy. Develop a mindful communication style focused on “non-harming.”

Topics this week include:

  • Removing Blocks To Love
  • Transcending Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics
  • Cultivating Your True Connection In Relationships
  • Becoming Stewards of What You Have Been Given
  • Taking Care with the Energy of Your Sexuality
  • The Importance of Modesty or Sobriety with Intoxicants
  • Cultivating Wise Speech
man and woman smiling while embracing

Week 6 - How to Bring More Awareness into Your Daily Life & Care For Our World

In Week 6 you’ll be taking the new skills you have developed and exploring how to sustain your mindful presence beyond this training program. Begin the process of discovery around the unique contribution you will make to the world as you extend your present, loving-kindness beyond your immediate circle of influence.

Topics covered:

  • Arriving in Your Life
  • Transcending the Negativity Bias
  • Transformation of Your Consciousness
  • Embodying Mindfulness for the Benefit of All
  • Growing a Sense of Connection to All of Life
  • Listening for Your Way To Serve
  • Sustaining Your Well-Being
large tree with orange and green leaves

Week 7 - The Power of Awareness Half-Day Personal Retreat Experience

In Week 7 you’ll be invited to engage in your own half-day retreat to broaden your awakening and deepen the course teachings. The retreat is an opportunity to dedicate yourself to presence and awareness in a different way than you have over the previous six weeks. Press the “sacred pause” on your everyday reality for a moment to create space for new insights and to give yourself the necessary gift of integration time.

During this Retreat You’ll Experience:

  • The Importance of “Slowing Down”
  • Practice of Walking Meditation
  • Power of the “Sacred Pause”
  • Healing in Relaxation
  • Release of the Inner Judge
person writing in journal

Having mentoring as part of the program is one of its most important features. Our mentors have done years of their own inner practice of mindfulness and compassion and will be there to listen to you and to offer guidance. I think it’s the most satisfying, immediate, and direct part of the program.

Jack Kornfield


Mentorship &
Group Study Sessions

Learn with Your Own Mentor and
Be Part of an Ongoing Study Group

Every participant in The Power of Awareness will receive steady and compassionate support from a mentor, hand-picked by Jack and Tara. Questions, struggles, realizations, and other experiences will be addressed in three small-group online sessions. Groups will be limited to 12 people only. You will be able to select from a variety of times that suit your availability.

As a Member of the Program
You’ll Also Receive the Following Special Bonuses

Bonus #1

Certificate of Completion

Receive a Certificate of Completion from
the University of California, Berkeley’s
Greater Good Science Center
and ATI

All participants who finish The Power of Awareness online course will receive a certificate of completion from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and ATI.

The Awareness Training Institute created The Power of Awareness in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, which studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.

The program is built on fundamental principles of mindfulness, synthesizing scientifically proven methods with decades of Jack and Tara’s own experiential learnings.

UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center logo Awareness Training Institute logo

Bonus #2

Guided Meditations for Self-Healing
Audio Program with Jack Kornfield

Essential Practices to Relieve Physical and
Emotional Suffering and Enhance Recovery

In this bonus meditation program for self-healing you’ll learn:

  • The Healing Presence—how to use the earth itself as your foundation to support you in self-diagnosis and restoration.
  • The Healing Temple—a guided visualization to your inner sanctuary, encountering the great healer, and receiving the necessary symbols and messages for healing.
  • The Healing Power of Love—directing the luminous spirit of loving kindness to all the places in your body and spirit that are in need.
Guided Meditations for Self-Healing Audio Program with Jack Kornfield

Bonus #3

Meditations for Emotional Healing
Audio Program with Tara Brach

Finding Freedom in the Face of Difficulty

Meditations for Emotional Healing Audio Program with Tara Brach

You’ll receive a bonus audio program Meditations for Emotional Healing. This audio program is a collection of insights and practices for bringing compassion, clarity, and understanding to your emotional lives—instead of expressing or repressing them in unhealthy ways. Meditations include:

  • How to work with trauma, fear, and shame
  • Forgiveness meditation
  • Compassion meditation
  • Invoking loving presence in the face of difficulty
  • The power of yes

As Tara puts it, “When we touch what is painful with awareness, the armoring around our heart melts and we become more tender and kind.”

The Power of Awareness Program Summary

Order now and get:

  1. Video Trainings—9.5 Hours of Mindfulness Training
  2. Personal Mentoring and Group Study Sessions
  3. Meditation Practices
  4. Reflections and Workbook
  5. Personal Journaling Exercises

Bonus #1: Certification of Completion—UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and the Awareness Training Institute

BONUS #2: Guided Meditations for Self-Healing Audio Program with Jack Kornfield

BONUS #3: Meditations for Emotional Healing Audio Program with Tara Brach

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19 CE Credits Available

Continuing Education (CE) credits are mandated by US states and professional organizations for members of certain professions as part of a license or certification renewal process. Most states require continuing education as a means of insuring professionals stay current with the latest practices and research in their field. The credits offered by Sounds True are generally valid for counselors, social workers, and psychologists. We do not offer continuing medical education credits.

Sounds True offers unique and interesting content for health and healing professionals, allowing you to earn the credits you need at your own pace. You can purchase the course along with the credits and take the required exams at your convenience.

The Power of Awareness
CE Credits


Praise for Jack & Tara

recommendation by Bill Ford

[Jack] is a very good friend and in many ways my mentor…I read his book A Path With Heart…and it literally changed my life.

Bill Ford
recommendation by Alice Walker

What an extraordinary mind is Jack Kornfield’s. Curious by nature and brightly shining from birth, tempered by suffering, both personal and worldly…

Alice Walker
recommendation by Sharon Salzberg

Tara Brach writes and teaches with an open and loving heart. She reminds us that we each have the capacity to connect to ourselves and others in a deep and lasting way.

Sharon Salzberg
recommendation by Thich Nhat Hanh

Drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience as well as ten more years of personal experience on the path of awakening, Tara Brach’s superb second book brings readers ever more deeply in touch with our true nature. This book is a precious gift, filled with insight, shared from heart to heart.

Thich Nhat Hanh
recommendation by Richard Freeman

Tara shows us an awakened intelligence and kindness that are a radical freedom in themselves.

Richard Freeman
recommendation by Jon Kabat-Zinn

[Jack] brings to life a way to understand and cultivate mindfulness, compassion, lovingkindness, and true wisdom…

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Greater Good Science Center

The Power of Awareness is the first program offering for The Awareness Training Institute (ATI), founded by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

The programs range from introductory to teacher training, and are designed for the general population, as well as for specialized sectors including business, education, and health care.

The Awareness Training Institute was founded on the belief that these teachings truly are for everyone, everywhere. Mindfulness, awareness, and compassion have the power to benefit all domains of your life—from home to work, from serving to savoring.

Tara Brach

Two of the most experienced and celebrated teachers in the West, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach have founded major meditation centers in the United States and have each been teaching for more than forty years. Along with co-founder Pat Coffey, they constructed ATI by combining the most up to date neuroscience with perennial wisdom teachings.

As mindfulness gains in popularity, it became critical to Jack and Tara that the best of these powerful tools be made available to all who might benefit from them. To this end, ATI is dedicated to making these teachings and practices accessible and affordable to underserved populations in prisons, schools, and low-income communities, as well as those from racially diverse backgrounds.

The Power of Awareness is one of the first programs created by ATI and it is envisioned that this course will be a prerequisite for future meditation instructor certification programs.

UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center logo Awareness Training Institute logo

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Registration is now closed.

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We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with all Sounds True products for one year when purchased via our website. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with The Power of Awareness for any reason, simply return it with receipt for a full refund.

Tami Simon Founder of Sounds True

Tami Simon, Founder of Sounds True

100% Money Back Guarantee