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  1. Building Emotional Intelligence

    Building Emotional Intelligence

    Linda Lantieri, Daniel Goleman

    For parents and educators, a breakthrough book-and-CD program to boost kids' resiliency. Learn More

    $10.17 $11.36

  2. The Self-Compassion Diet

    The Self-Compassion Diet

    Jean Fain

    Two complementary tools to help you cultivate self-love on your weight-loss journey. Learn More

    $10.17 $13.37

  3. The Subtle Body Coloring Book

    The Subtle Body Coloring Book

    Cyndi Dale

    A top energy medicine teacher and scholar presents an adult coloring book on the energetic anatomy. Learn More


  4. The Dharma of Dogs

    The Dharma of Dogs

    Tami Simon

    Thirty-one essays illuminating the spiritual truths exemplified by our canine companions.

    Learn More

    $10.77 $12.03

  5. Feminine Genius

    Feminine Genius

    LiYana Silver

    An invitation to embrace your feminine power and connect deeply with your own body’s wisdom

    Learn More

    $10.17 $12.02

  6. Beginning Your Love Revolution

    Beginning Your Love Revolution

    Matt Kahn

    Author and celebrated teacher Matt Kahn explains how embracing self-love begins a true inner revolution. Learn More
  7. Getting Grief Right

    Getting Grief Right

    Patrick O'Malley

    Essential insights and support for those facing loss and grief. Learn More

    $10.17 $11.35

  8. Pleasurable Weight Loss

    Pleasurable Weight Loss

    Jena la Flamme

    Diets come and go—but Jena la Flamme’s approach for health and happiness lasts a lifetime. With Pleasurable Weight Loss, she offers a complete guide to a uniquely feminine approach for slimming down and feeling great by trusting pleasure and working with the wisdom of your body. Learn More

    $18.35 $23.41

  9. The Way of Rest

    The Way of Rest

    Jeff Foster


    In The Way of Rest, Jeff Foster writes from a place of keen sensitivity and understanding in order to provide relief for anyone facing the difficulties of loss, failure, or rejection—and empowering insights for accessing the untapped inner strengths we all possess. Whether read as daily inspirations or cover to cover, this treasury of teachings guides us in cultivating vulnerability, finding peace of mind, and celebrating the majesty of the moment.

    Learn More

    $11.37 $12.70

  10. The Master Key

    The Master Key

    Robert Peng

    Vitality, compassion, and wisdom—a complete practice guide from a living Qigong master. Learn More

    $13.17 $14.71

  11. Healing Trauma

    Healing Trauma

    Peter A. Levine

    A concise book-and-CD course with guided somatic practices to free yourself from trauma. Learn More

    $8.97 $10.02

  12. The Empath's Survival Guide

    The Empath's Survival Guide

    Judith Orloff


    For highly sensitive people known as empaths, life presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Now New York Times bestselling author Dr. Judith Orloff offers an empowering book to support empaths, their loved ones, and anyone who wants to develop their empathy in an often insensitive world. Here she offers essential tools and wisdom to help sensitive people prevent fatigue, build resilience, find healthy relationships and work, raise empathic children, and much more.

    Learn More

    $13.77 $15.37

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