Devin Berry

Devin Berry began practicing in 1999. His teaching is rooted in the Buddhadharma and mindfulness daily life practices. His training includes Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher training, the East Bay Meditation Center Commit to Dharma Program, Spirit Rock’s Dedicated Practitioners Program, and Insight Meditation Society’s four-year Residential Retreat Teachers Program. Devin also cofounded both the Teen Sangha and Men of Color Deep Refuge Group at East Bay Meditation Center in Oakland. Twenty years ago, Devin began some of the first mindfulness programs in San Francisco Bay Area schools, including weekly mindfulness groups for youth, and worked as a frontline advocate for marginalized youth living on the streets. Over the years, Devin’s work has included leading wilderness camps for teens, rites-of-passage programs for tweens, and a summer camp for boys. Devin co-created Deep Time Liberation, an ancestral healing journey that explores the impact of ancestral legacy and intergenerational trauma on Black Americans. He is passionate about the power of witnessing and storytelling as a liberation tool. Devin is a father and teaches nationally.