Silvia Nakkach


is a Grammy® nominated musician, and she have received numerous awards and commissions as a composer and performer. She is a former clinical psychotherapist and an internationally accredited specialist in cross-cultural sound and music therapies, including music in shamanic practices.

She is the academic coordinator and core instructor of the New York Open Center Sound Practitioner Institute Certificate, She is a regular visiting faculty at the Music Therapy Clinic of the New York University, among other universities across the world. In addition to her many academic credentials, Silvia has devoted 36 years to the study of Classical North Indian Music and the art of raga singing under the direction of the late Maestro Ali Akbar Khan and other great living masters of the Dhrupad tradition. As a voice-culturist and composer, she has released sixteen CD albums, and is a contributing author of several scholarly books. Her latest books are Free Your Voice, published by Sounds True, (2012) and the Proceedings of the Yoga & Psyche Conference, published Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2014). For more, visit

Author Photo © Mary Gaetjens.

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