In Celebration of Visionary Women

The Dangerous Old Woman

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD, is an internationally recognized scholar, award-winning poet, diplomate senior Jungian psychoanalyst, and cantadora (keeper of the old stories in the Latina tradition). She is the author of the bestseller Women Who Run With the Wolves and the audio series Mother Night, Seeing in the Dark, and more.

The Science of Medical Intuition

Each of us has the potential for deeper insights into our health. Through medical intuition, we can identify and assess the energies in our physical bodies and psyches to address the causes of imbalance and illness.

The Power of Self-Compassion

Drawing on more than a decade of research and teaching, Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer developed The Power of Self-Compassion to help you build a foundation of kindness and compassion toward yourself.