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At Sounds True, we are experimenting with the creation of a unique business culture. Life is short, and we want to make the most of it—including the time we spend together in the workplace. To that end:

  • We encourage people to “be themselves”—to bring their whole person to the workplace, without facade. We value authenticity and truth-telling combined with respectful communication. We want to relate to each other as whole people, heartfully and honestly, because that’s how the most genuine and meaningful connections are generated.

  • The Sounds True work environment is simultaneously casual and active. We want Sounds True to be a place where we have a very good time, but where we also get a lot done! Concentrated and relaxed; open and focused—these are the koans of our workplace.

  • We value personal growth and the many opportunities that the work environment provides for learning about ourselves, our impact on others, and how we can communicate and collaborate more effectively. We recognize that the more we develop our relational skills, the more effective we will be as a force for positive change in the world.