The Biophilia Effect

A Scientific and Spiritual Exploration of the Healing Bond Between Humans and Nature
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Perhaps you’ve always had an intuitive sense of the healing power of nature. Today, science is verifying just how strong our healing bond with nature really is. The Biophilia Effect presents fascinating research along with teachings and tools for accessing the therapeutic properties of the natural world. Here is an audiobook that will transform your understanding of our interconnection with nature—and show you how to engage the natural world wherever you live for greater health, inspiration, rejuvenation, and spiritual sustenance. Narrated by Kyle Hebert.

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The Biophilia Effect celebrates our interconnection with nature and shows how to deeply engage the natural world wherever you live to dramatically improve your health. This unabridged audio presentation shares fascinating biomedical research into nature’s healing effects on our bodies, practical tools and activities, and inspiring stories about the remarkable benefits of being in nature. This translation of the German bestseller explores:

• Biophilia—psychotherapist and philosopher Erich Fromm’s term for people’s love for nature
• How nature alleviates pain and accelerates recuperation
• Yards and gardens as a source of inspiration, happiness, and health
• How landscapes interact with the human psyche
• Nature’s influence on the mind, heart, and other vital organs of the body

“The biophilia effect happens when we connect with our roots,” writes Arvay. “The biophilia effect stands for wilderness and the conception of nature, for natural beauty and aesthetics, and for breaking free and healing. That is what this book is about.” The Biophilia Effect is your guide to accessing the sacred bond we share with nature, wherever you call home. Narrated by Kyle Hebert.

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Clemens G. Arvay

About Clemens G. Arvay

Clemens G. Arvay (1980–2023) was an Austrian biologist who studied landscape ecology at Graz University and applied plant sciences at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Arvay examined the relationship between humans and nature, focusing on the health-promoting effects of contact with plants, animals, and landscapes. The author also addressed a second range of topics that included ecologically produced food along with the economics of large food conglomerates. Clemens G. Arvay wrote numerous books including The Biophilia Effect. More at