Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom

A Complete Prescription to Optimize Your Health, Prevent Disease, and Live with Vitality and Joy


Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom

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An empowering guide to finding balance and restoring health in mind, body, and soul

Ayurveda teaches us that true health is our birthright, and that by artfully adapting to the rhythms of nature, we can bring ourselves back into balance and experience optimal well-being. Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom is a groundbreaking work within the field of holistic health and traditional yoga, written by internationally renowned Ayurvedic healer, teacher, and scholar Acharya Shunya.

Raised in a distinguished lineage of Vedic mystics and healers, Shunya learned the ancient art of Ayurveda directly from her grandfather, a well-known healer in Northern India. Here, she presents both an engaging narrative of her unique education, as well as a complete encyclopedia of Ayurvedic practices, recipes, and knowledge.

With Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom, Shunya maintains the integrity of Ayurveda’s traditional teachings while showing us how to integrate them into our modern lifestyles. Through her in-depth teachings, we learn to live in a way that supports our greatest health through daily ritual, nourishing food, spiritual practice, and self-care.

Highlights include:

  • Detailed instructions for a nourishing daily routine, organized by time of day and aligned with seasonal changes
  • Clear, accessible guidance in the basic principles of Ayurveda, as transmitted through an uninterrupted lineage of Ayurvedic healers
  • Dozens of traditional recipes, along with advice for structuring your meals according to the season, your constitution, and your unique health needs
  • A treasury of lifestyle teachings and wellness practices—meditation and pranayama, exercise and yoga, connecting with nature, rituals for self-care and pleasure, daily cleansing routines, and working with the doshas (energetic body types)
  • An approach to healing both practical and spiritual—restore your body to health with holistic lifestyle guidance, rather than a list of rigid rules or do’s and don’ts
  • Beauty routines and rituals, including recipes for homemade scrubs, oil blends, gargles, and more
  • How modern lifestyles contribute to chronic disease, and how to restore vital health through Ayurveda
  • Experience greater physical energy, more joy, better sleep, increased sexual pleasure, improved digestion, stronger immunity, and many other benefits in mind, body, and soul

“This book that you are holding in your hand has the potential to change your state of health for the better, permanently,” writes Shunya. “Health is not a probability that you may achieve. It is a reality, an underlying natural state of being.”

Whether you’re looking for help with a specific health concern, or if you’d simply like to improve your overall well-being, in Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom you’ll find a treasury of Ayurvedic lifestyle teachings and wellness practices for every part of your day.


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Customer Reviews

A bit too simplistic Review by Dr. Terri

As a Dr I have studied this subject for 20 years. This could be good a basic Into but it leaves out much of the important information and does not give a good complimentary comparison to other health systems which is so important for balance so it is not really complete.

(Posted on 8/16/2017)

The Heart of the Science Review by Ishani

As I read this book, the heartfelt stories of Acharya Shunya learning the principles of Ayurveda as a child from her grandfather really open me up to the subject. Then the technical explanations and great recipes go in to a much deeper place and I feel empowered to try them out and make the changes in my own lifestyle to align more with Ayurveda's wisdom.

I feel this book is great for those who already know about Ayurveda to connect with it from a deeper heartfelt and spiritual place, as well as those just getting into it for a comprehensive and digestible introduction.

(Posted on 2/13/2017)

A must-read simple User Manual for the human body Review by Gayathri

While I’m still making my way through the book, I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts.

This is a must read - If you, like me, are concerned about our healthcare system and believe that everyone should take responsibility for their own health.

This is a must read – If even you don’t spend much time thinking about health, because you will be glad you did.

This is a must read – If you are a lover of nature and believe in living in sync with macrocosm

This is a must read – If you are tired of the information overload from the media on the latest super foods/fads etc. and are looking for simple time-tested health tips to incorporate in your daily routine.

This is essentially an owner’s manual for the human body.

Now back to more deeper reading.

(Posted on 2/10/2017)

An evocative and informative resource to treasure Review by Hema

This book reads like sitting down with the author and having a series of deeply engaging and memorable conversations. It is by far the best resource I have found on understanding Ayurveda and how it is a powerful, accessible, and uplifting lifestyle.

While the book is rich with recipes, remedies, and wise counsel on how to be healthy and happy, what I found outstanding and absolutely unique is how the context for each section is created through evocative and deeply informative stories from the author's young days studying with her grandfather, who was a learned yogi and insightful traditional healer. These stories are vivid, endearing, and deeply spiritual, and invite the reader to contemplate and experience the many dimensions of the state of health that the author and Ayurveda focus on.

The author then illustrates how these same teachings are so beneficial and surprisingly easy to apply for those of us who live in Western cities and not on the banks of holy river in the India of a generation or two ago. I found the stories of the author's students very encouraging: how their health and state of mind improved dramatically just by applying this knowledge one step at a time.

The style of the book is inviting and fascinating to read, and consistently positive - quite a feat to maintain in a long chapter on constipation and diarrhea! The book has a wealth of very accessible advice laid out in ways I know I'll be able to keep referring to easily. The recipes are uncomplicated and easy to follow.

I highly recommend this book both for those who want to really explore what Ayurveda is about, and for those who are already familiar with the principles of Ayurveda, as it will give a fresh, full and inspiring perspective.

(Posted on 2/10/2017)

Self and Health Mastery through Ayurveda Review by Tom

This is an excellent book for newbies and veterans of Ayurveda. Well organized and easy to read. The book is formatted in a way that makes a dense subject easy to understand with diagrams, pictures, tables, ... It's so packed with information (like a textbook) but easy to use as a reference; easy to find a particular topic and flip to it.
Read the entire book, but keep it around for quick access to specific topics. The content in this book is among the most accurate and comprehensive I've ever seen on Ayurveda. I highly recommend it if you've got any life issues you'd like to get sorted out. The how-to instructions for creating a balanced and vibrant life is in this book.

(Posted on 2/9/2017)

Highly Recommended Review by Prasanna

For anyone who has studied Ayurveda or would like to know more about it, I would highly recommend Acharya Shunya's Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom. I think it thoroughly captures the essence of Ayurveda (please don’t skip the Preface – it creates the foundation for understanding what the book entails and what one might gain from it!) and it is absolutely full of useful Ayurvedic concepts regarding so many aspects of life such as diet, sleep, exercise, sex, etc., as well as recipes and home remedies. I am planning to use it as a reference book for a long time. In my opinion, it would be a great book even if it only contained a tenth of the information that it does, so there is a wealth of practical information available to anyone interested in a deeper knowledge of how to be more in tune with oneself and interested in increasing key aspects of health.

(Posted on 2/8/2017)

A Treasure Book! Review by Malini

This will be my treasure book! It is beautifully written, touched my heart, is wonderfully organized and will help one to heal and to stay healthy and happy. Excellent resource for practitioners as well as those just getting into ayurveda.

(Posted on 2/8/2017)

Original, authentic, and easy-to-assimilate teachings with delicious recipes! Review by Lakshmi

This Ayurvedic book is written in such a compassionate, intelligent, and eco-responsible way and I am very happy to have it on my shelf. I feel like I’ve just been given a hundred new ways to love and nurture myself. The author’s own personal examples show that she is a contemplative teacher who constantly lives the practices she writes about. The conversations she has with her grandfather, who was also a master of this knowledge, feel like pieces of contemplative poetry that I’ll come back to again and again. And I also admire the intelligent way she gives us an extensive and scientific account of how and why this system works. The sections that show how your daily foods can not only support your health, but also your mind, are so interesting and well written. Beginners to advanced Ayurvedans will be able pick up the book and learn from this wealth of information. It is an authentic and grounded combination of soul, mind, and body medicine.

It doesn’t feel like “work” when I read this book - all of the inspirational stories and examples make my mind actually look forward to creating new habits and doing more for myself. The author takes beautiful Ayurvedic teachings and brings them to life for our own modern times. And most importantly to me, she shows how we can have less impact on the environment while becoming healthier. A line that really struck me was, “You deserve health. When you follow Ayurvedic injunctions on right living, eating, thinking, sex, exercise, sleep, and leisure, you will be living a lifestyle that is resonant with Nature’s intelligence.” And I definitely desire to be more aligned with Nature, especially after having lived for so many years in a major metropolitan city.

The recipes I’ve tried – spiced milk, opo and milk pudding, homemade cream of wheat – are fast and easy to make. Not to mention, healthy AND delicious. The foodie part of me gets to be very satisfied and the scientist part of me gets to understand why they are healthy. Every time I open this book, I find another gem to try. After having bought and read many books in this area, I feel I can highly recommend this book as a first choice for anyone seeking a new, healthy journey!

(Posted on 2/7/2017)

Fascinating conversation on health, lifestyle, and consciousness Review by Shivani M

I found this book inviting me to look at health and disease anew. With her insights, her own journey and stories, the author Acharya Shunya has facilitated this discussion in an easy to follow, contemplative style. I liked how the Ayurvedic vocabulary has been introduced to the reader, in a natural, relevant way.

I feel I can access the Ayurvedic wisdom shared in this book, in any part of my life where I want to make a positive change. This book is the beginning of a deep conversation between Ayurveda and myself in the pursuit of lasting health and happiness.

Through the book, the author empowers readers with many practical wisdom teachings and tools. No matter where you are in life, the lived experience that talks to you in these pages, is your ally in understanding and practicing healthful living.

But, at the same time, it is more than a prescriptive book of 'do's and don't's'. The book is engaging our consciousness. In the spirit of an ongoing discussion, Acharya Shunya asks us to examine our beliefs. 'Are we ultimately expecting our environment to foot the bill of natural medicine?'
It questions the bondage to disease consciousness. Sometimes people feel that they are genetically predisposed to certain diseases and are just waiting to manifest it at some time in their life. So they give away the power they have in the present. They do not see a way to counteract their impending ill health. I felt this book is a light to show a way out of that tunnel.

The book declares and explains how physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are intertwined. Not only that, but the health of the human being and that of the planet are linked. Wow ! When we appreciate and live with Nature's rhythms, we will not be at loggerheads with her. Unity consciousness! Ayurveda is that science which illustrates this reality. And this book does it justice.

I now look at disease as a signal to check and prune and beautify life, which gets healed with conscious lifestyle, diet and behavioral choices. Disease can become unnecessary when we start to self regulate and eschew a life of excesses and unconsciousness.

Truly a light on health and consciousness, a book to cherish. I keep going back to the book, as my understanding opens up at more levels.

(Posted on 2/7/2017)

Grateful to have the wisdom of Ayurveda at my fingertips ... Review by Cheryl Y.

Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom offers extraordinary support for anyone wanting to reflect more upon their lifestyle and nutrition - and to make significant changes.
The information is well-organized and beautifully presented in a warm, authentic way.
I was immediately drawn to the information about one's sleep cycle and the description of the morning practices that she recommends. I've started doing Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) and Gayatri Mantra each morning. Am feeling the positive influence throughout the day - and am eager to experience the transformative effect in utilizing more of these wise teachings. I'm inspired!
Gratitude to Acharya Shunya and all the elders before her for passing this guidance on to us

(Posted on 2/7/2017)

Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom Review by Jmhende

​In order to deal with the life-long health challenges of ​a genetic blood disorder, ovarian cysts and poor digestion, I have tried getting into Ayurveda more than once before to potentially tap into a deeper, more permanent solution than what western medicine has to offer me. However, the more I read and worked on studying the practice, the more frustrated I often became as I felt I had not yet found an easily understandable explanation of how I could incorporate Ayurveda in to my daily life.​ ​
​I was fortunate to receive an early copy of this book, almost a month ago, with a special request to review it and write a feature for a Bay Area health magazine, Common Ground. ​In retrospect, to receive Acharya Shunya's book was an act of synchronicity and divine grace. Once I was exposed to Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom the intimidation I once felt understanding Ayurveda had disappeared by the end of the first chapter​. She explains every principle by telling the story of how her spiritual teacher and grandfather, Baba passed on this wisdom to her as a small child. Everything is related back to ​Nature and my every day life ​in the simplest, most approachable way imaginable.
In only a few short weeks of incorporating the fundamentals of the advice in Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom I feel energized and rejuvenated on a mental and physical level. Her instructions on alterations to my diet have all but cured my indigestion. I have regulated my sleep pattern by consistently waking up and going to bed closer to her suggested schedule, and I have already gotten several compliments on how fresh and moisturized my skin looks since I have been using her organic recipes for face packs and body oils.
​I cannot recommend this book enough to any one who is considering whether or not to buy it. ​It changed my life and gives me hope about my health. I have and will continue to recommend this book to anyone feeling as if they are aging prematurely, regularly fatigued, or suffering from any ailment or condition from bothersome to life-threatening. I truly believe ​Acharya Shunya's wisdom has the capability of improving the lives of those who will listen.

(Posted on 2/6/2017)

Excellent reference book Review by Geet

This is a very well-written book that caters to people who are familiar with Ayurveda and people who know nothing about it. I am a practitioner and have been looking for books that give you the solution, but with a logic. I need to know why I have to do certain things and this book does it. It is a refreshing read as a lot of key lifestyle guidelines have been written in a simple manner. This is a great reference book for the Ayurveda Practitioner who believes in food being the medicine.

(Posted on 2/6/2017)

A powerful, special, and much needed Voice! Review by Derek C

This is such a special book, I am so happy I purchased it. To hear such an empowering and sweet invitation to health in this day is rare, and Acharya Shunya's message of "Awakening Health" is something so important and life-changing. Even just flipping through this book, you can feel the love and care, from generations of lives. This book is an invitation to health, and an invitation to redefine how we understand our health: something more lasting, something inherent rather than achieved. This is a message the world needs to hear and I am so happy to keep sharing this book with my family and loved ones! Honestly, even just for the remedies and recipes, this book is worth it. The accessible teachings and beautiful stories make it even more special. BUY THIS BOOK. Buy it for yourself, buy it for your loved ones. Heck, even buy it for your enemies because this perhaps could even make them sweeter.

(Posted on 2/6/2017)

The real deal Review by Ben

This book is incredibly helpful in decoding the science of Ayurveda and bringing it directly into day-to-day living. If you want to a guidebook to optimal health - this is it.

(Posted on 2/6/2017)

a beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, and very practical source on living your Life Review by Sakshi

I am finding so much inspiring wisdom, reading and digesting Acharya Shunya's Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom; from the many stories she shares throughout the book on growing up with her Grandfather (Baba) who was also her Guru, to practical everyday steps on how to care for ourselves; through seasonal foods, daily rituals that help keep the body healthy, being in rhythm with Nature through simple choices, Acharya Shunya shares through the science of Ayurveda.

Chapter 2, Celebrating an Awakened Sky, really made my heart so happy. Here she explains about the importance of waking up before 6am, this time in sanskrit is called brahma muhurta, the time of God consciousness; when the rhythm of nature; animals, the bugs, plants, all of Life wakes up and begins anew and we should too! Reading this chapter made me happy to be alive! Such deep love and respect for Life - for you and for me, went into writing this book. This will be my go-to source on how to live Life - practically and spiritually. You will love it.

(Posted on 2/6/2017)

“Ayurveda is a noble gift for all humanity” - Acharya Shunya Review by Amrita

“Ayurveda is a noble gift for all humanity” - Acharya Shunya

And so is her beautiful, much-needed book on how we can see again (or perhaps for the very first time) that our true nature is that of health and goodness and that we can consciously choose to experience it and claim as our birthright. It is a gift of that magnitude, from the all-encompassing definition of health (hint: so much more then the absence of symptoms!) to the precise, step-by-step ways to evoke and maintain that health.
The book covers all areas of our daily living–from the moment we wake up and focus our eyes on something uplifting, to how much water we really need, to how we go about optimally nourishing our bodies; senses; and the mind, to how we truly rest at night. As someone who spent untold hours in the dental chair and then a small fortune paying for that misery, I was overjoyed reading "The Art of Naturally Sparkling Smiles" and the "Oral Health Resource Guide." There is such wealth of Ayurvedic remedies and preventive measures at my disposal now!
There are no unanswered questions, no dogma of "you should or shouldn’t," no stern admonitions. Only a beautiful invitation to synchronize your life with the life all around, with the rising and setting Sun, with the changing seasons, with the Nature always showing us the way. The invitation to listen to the voice of Acharya Shunya and her beloved Baba and the countless generations of the Ayurvedic teachers and healers before them sharing this immense body of knowledge on how to live an authentic, healthy, vibrant life . The invitation to be cognizant of our highest potential and the responsibility to live up to it–to be like the Sarayu River, flowing, strong, carrying blessings.
So here is to your health. Do claim your gift.

(Posted on 2/5/2017)

This is the Real Deal - Authentic Ayurveda for Newbies and Practitioners Alike Review by Amy Lewis

I've never felt compelled to write a review for a book before, but Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom moved me. I am so impressed with this beautiful book. I have been studying classical Ayurveda for nearly a decade, working with patients helping them to create more health in their life. I cannot tell you how many people have asked me if there is one book I would recommend on Ayurveda for the layman. This is that book.

This text is appropriate for people both new to Ayurveda as well as practitioners. Its well-organized, comprehensive, and contains everything we need to develop healthy self-care practices, and re-connect to that part of ourselves which is always healthy, always aware, always connected to the rhythms of nature. Acharya Shunya shares personal stories of a childhood spent with her teacher and grandfather Baba an Ayurvedic Vaidya (doctor), Yogi and spiritual teacher, who imparted a rich connection to life, nature, animals, plants, community and Self to "Little Shunya" at an early age. I felt like I was also walking with Baba and Shunya, learning to listen to what the seasons and rivers and elements are teaching us, bringing me back to wholeness. These sweet interludes lend color and richness to a very in-depth resource.

I especially appreciate that the author doesn't "dumb down" the teachings for her western audience - she shares many subtler teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda that are rarely understood or conveyed outside of traditional Indian gurukulam (wisdom schools). For readers who have attempted to understand Ayurveda without a teacher, you will find this book opens up concepts in much greater depth than the pop-Ayurveda that seems to be popping up everywhere. The core concepts are shared with absolute authenticity to the origin texts of ancient Sanskrit. There is no watering down of the science of Ayurveda in this book - from healthy eating to healthy sleeping, healthy sex and healthy families, no stone is left unturned by this faithful rendering of the "Knowledge of Life". Much of Ayurveda is only transmitted through the oral tradition, with the guru teaching student over the course of 12+ years. Even in India, the depth of education that Acharya Shunya received from her Baba is very hard to come by in the modern era. This book feels like a window into this rare experience, but with tangible takeaways that let us share in this radiant health experience. Readers will appreciate the practical hands-on recipes, yoga and pranayama routines, meditations, and self care rituals, as well as home remedies and helpful daily schedules.

Buy this book and gift this book, and feel confident in this authenticity of this transmission of an ancient wisdom.
Thank you Acharya Shunya for sharing your journey and your wisdom with the world!

(Posted on 2/5/2017)

Inspiring, life-changing, must read! Review by JoAnna

I am so excited my Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom book by Acharya Shunya just arrived in the mail! I pre-ordered it from Amazon months ago and have been anxiously awaiting its release.

As my friends and family know, I have been studying, practicing, and living Ayurveda for almost a decade now! Yes, it has been that long...Time flies when you're having fun!

I am so excited about this book because it makes Ayurveda accessible to everyone! It is a practical guide that shares simple changes you can incorporate easily into your day-to-day life, like adjusting the time you go to bed and wake up in the morning, which will have a huge impact on your health. Also included are yummy recipes, and real-life examples of specifically how this knowledge has changed people's lives for the better.

I encourage you to gift yourself a copy of Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom! I guarantee you won't regret it! This knowledge has changed my life and I know it will benefit you and those you love too!

(Posted on 2/5/2017)

Beautifully-written book for Ayurveda at all levels Review by Vimala

This book serves as a lovely read as well as providing great information, recipes, and easy health practices for those seeking wellness. I have it on my bookshelf but also frequently buy it to give to family and friends as a gift.

(Posted on 2/5/2017)

This is the perfect read (or gift) for someone looking to make a positive shift Review by lauraq

A beautiful story about the writer’s life and family lineage. This book really inspired me to make a shift and transformed my perspective on life, health, and connection- especially connection to nature. It provides realistic tools I can actually implement in order to feel more in tune with my body, mind, spirit, and truly connected with the world. It is the perfect read (or gift) for someone looking to make a positive shift.

(Posted on 2/5/2017)

A Beautiful, Rich Treasure Chest of Ayurveda Wisdom Review by Ananta

I am so grateful for this book, which is as touching and heartfelt as it is practical and informative.

This book takes you on a journey to another time and space, to experience what it was like for the author to learn Ayurveda from Baba, a living master, while she was growing up in India. This was really fascinating, as I've never been able to learn directly about Ayurveda from someone who has actually lived it her whole life. It brought the science of Ayurveda to life in a way that I've also never read in another Ayurveda book (and I have read quite a few!). The practical examples and case studies the author shares are fascinating and inspiring.

It's hard to pick a favorite chapter, but if I had to do so, I would probably choose the second chapter, on celebrating an awakened sky. While waking up earlier is not an easy thing to do, and it took me some time to start doing this, remembering the beautiful passages Acharya Shunya has shared about the value of this, along with morning practices to do when rising that don't take that much time but are really powerful, inspired me to start waking up earlier, and it feels so great to do that and the practices she shares!

It was so interesting to learn about the different personalities of the six tastes that Ayurveda introduces. I had never thought of the tastes of my food as having personalities, but that really helped me see my food in a whole new way, and to develop a different relationship with my meals, which has been awesome.

I was amazed at how inspiring the chapter on Ayurveda's oral health practices were. I really did not expect to cry when reading about brushing your teeth in the morning! But the way Acharya Shunya describes learning about the art of dental hygiene in Ayurveda from her grandfather, Baba, has such an immediacy that really touched my heart and also changed the way I approach morning routines I once found really boring and mundane. I now follow all of those oral hygiene practices, and found myself pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to put into action. It's so great to know why I am doing what I am doing - that knowledge makes such a difference.

This book is so rich and beautiful. It is a treasure of Ayurveda wisdom that I am looking forward to reading and referring back to often.

(Posted on 2/1/2017)


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