Relieve Stress with Medical Hypnosis

Relieve Stress with Medical Hypnosis

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Proven Self-Hypnosis Techniques to Help You Find Inner Peace and Relaxation

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Course objectives:

  • List some of the physical symptoms of stress.
  • Discuss benefits of improved response to stress.
  • Assess the deep relationship between the subconscious mind and the body.
  • Utilize trancework strategies for relaxation and calm.
  • Practice self-hypnosis for positive mind states.
  • Apply practices that help decrease stress.

If you find yourself feeling increasingly frazzled and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Today’s fast-paced life gives us plenty of opportunities to get stressed-out. Now with Relieve Stress with Medical Hypnosis, Dr. Steven Gurgevich offers practical solutions to help us learn how to cope with the demands of modern life while remaining calm and focused.

Drawing from his 30 years of clinical practice, Dr. Gurgevich shares medical insights and four guided trancework sessions for using proven self-hypnosis techniques to tap the healing power of our mind-body connection, including:

  • The Mind-Body Scan to identify where you are holding stress, then safely unblock it
  • Positive Mind, Positive Relief for building your strength and inner resources to minimize the way stress affects you
  • Doing the Right Things Right to release your worries and reinforce healthy self-care habits
  • Immediate Relief for quickly accessing your innate relaxation response

“We can’t make the causes of stress go away, but we can train ourselves to work more effectively with them when they arise,” teaches Dr. Gurgevich. With Relieve Stress with Medical Hypnosis, you have a practical program to help build your immunity to stress and make comfort and calm more readily available to you—in any life situation.


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Customer Reviews

Health professional found this tremendously helpful for herself Review by VS

I'm a licensed psychologist (PhD) and certified Life Coach. I'm very grateful to be receiving excellent medical care for a pretty serious condition. In spite of getting great care, I felt that something was missing . . . something related to self-healing and self-empowerment. I knew hypnosis was powerful and looked really hard to find a hypnotherapist in my local area. I "checked out" a few over the phone. Even visited one. I was not satisfied. But, now that I have been using this audio, I do not feel a need to find a local hypnotherapist. (That's just me. Many people would really benefit being face-to-face with a a hypnotherapist/healer.) I wish I lived in Dr. Gurgevich's area! I'd go see him. This audio has taken an important place in my emotional and physical treatment.

The first session, that is over an hour long, is a health education lecture--covering many things that can be done to help stress. He helps us think about stress, positive lifestyle changes, etc. The first hour is not a hypnosis. It prepares us for the remaining 5 sessions that are hypnosis. They are between 10-20 minutes long.

They take me to "another place," very empowering (and fun.)

All the best to all of us!

(Posted on 10/4/2016)

Tons of filler with little actual useful content Review by Tareal

Not recommended at all. Mr. Gurgevich just spends an hour spewing an incoherent stream of consciousness regarding random and obvious ideas about stress.

Yes, we all know stress is bad for us and that it can cause health problems. There is no need to tell about a bunch of silly studies that show stress is bad. Anyone who is looking for a book or audio about stress reduction obviously has already come to the conclusion that stress is bad for you. Seriously, the whole first hour and 20 minutes is just him telling you this in different ways.

Also, the way that Mr. Gurgevich speaks in the audio just rubbed me the wrong way. He gives off the impression that he is sort of patronizing you. Instead of feeling relaxed, I just felt irritated and I had the distinct vibe that Mr. Gurgevich made this strictly for the money. Not very much actual usable content here.

(Posted on 8/13/2016)


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