Self-Compassion Step by Step

The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself

Self-Compassion Step by Step

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A Six-Session Training Course for Transforming Your Relationship with Yourself

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Course objectives:

  • Define self-compassion as a practice to increase happiness, optimism, and curiosity in our lives, while decreasing anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • Discuss how self-compassion motivates with love—providing clear vision and nurturance needed to reach our full potential.
  • Discuss how to turn toward our emotions with curiosity, openness, and non-judgement to counter the Default Mode Network.
  • Define empathy, self-esteem, loving kindness, and equanimity as related to compassion for ourselves, our loved ones, and all beings.
  • Practice and utilize guided meditations and experiential exercises in mindfulness meditation, loving kindness, interconnectedness, and working with difficult emotions as a way to embrace our lives and cultivate kindness toward ourselves.

Why does it feel so natural to be compassionate and kind to those we care about—yet so hard to treat ourselves the same way? "Our culture teaches us to use self-criticism for motivation and to build self-esteem by constantly measuring ourselves against everyone else," says Dr. Kristin Neff. "We need to re-learn the essential skill of being genuinely nurturing and supportive toward ourselves." With Self-Compassion Step by Step, this groundbreaking researcher reveals the clinically proven power of self-kindness, with practical training for cultivating an enduring and unshakable sense of your fundamental human worthiness.

Self-Compassion: The Mainstay of Happiness and Well-Being

Over the past decade, an overwhelming body of research has shown self-compassion to be a master key to good psychological and physical health. Whether you wish to reduce stress, develop healthy habits for exercise or diet, unlock your creativity, or even deal with serious conditions such as depression or addiction, a strong sense of self-compassion is an essential ingredient for success. Best of all, self-compassion is a skill that can be learned. Through six sessions of teaching, Dr. Neff offers guided meditations, experiential practices, and on-the-spot techniques to help you build a strong foundation of self-compassion in your daily life.

"We often become our own worst critic because we believe it's necessary to keep ourselves motivated," says Dr. Neff, "but in fact the research shows that healthy self-compassion increases our inner drive, our resilience to setbacks, and our ability to excel at work and in every aspect of life." With Self-Compassion Step by Step, she presents a powerful training course that is both accessible and profoundly transformative—a practical approach for creating a life of greater happiness, fulfillment, and love.


  • Self-kindness—how actively comforting ourselves activates our physiological systems designed for soothing and safety
  • Common humanity-recognizing the imperfect nature of the shared human experience
  • Mindfulness—meeting our moments of suffering with balanced awareness rather than ignoring or exaggerating our pain
  • Why we resist self-compassion—debunking the common myths
  • The clinically-proven benefits of self-compassion in numerous aspects of life
  • The essential difference between competitive self-esteem and true self-compassion
  • The natural progression of self-compassion practice
  • Guided techniques that use visualization, touch, language, and awareness to evoke states of self-compassion, and much more

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Customer Reviews

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Iain

I'm about half-way through and have found the programme to be really insightful and supportive so far. I especially enjoy the emphasis on the actual practice of self-compassion and mindfulness, alongside the discussion pieces on why we struggle and the evidence base underpinning it all. I would be surprised if even the most self-compassionate of people didn't take something from taking the time to listen to this. Well worth it!

(Posted on 10/6/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by GAIL

Highly recommend this to others.

(Posted on 8/23/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Olga Bloch

I love this audiobook! It helped me to learn how to be more patient and kind with myself. The way I related to family and friends and I am a much better parent as well. I am so grateful for this information.

(Posted on 8/16/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Amanda

I loved everything about this programme and have recommended it to many of my clients. (I am a counsellor). I have been looking for something to support my development of self compassion and feel I have found something very useful. Each day I pick something I feel I need as soon as I wake up. I also liked how Kristen puts well timed pauses into her meditations giving time to feel and consider the meditations in the body. Thankyou Kristen for your wonderful work on what I consider very important for self development especially considering what's happening in the world today! Blessings to you! Amanda

(Posted on 8/11/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Terri Mudge

Great, very nurturing and healing words. This is a wonderful program.

(Posted on 7/9/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Cindy W

Very good tape, with some narrative and also examples of meditations and contemplative exercises. Appreciate that this author did a tape on this subject, esp. since I "got it" immediately what she was talking about regarding the difference between self-esteem and self-compassion.

(Posted on 7/8/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Anthony B

Good program. The most convincing part is Kristin Neff's own story. She has a tragedy to deal with and needed (and still needs) an effective way to deal with it. Very helpful program.

(Posted on 7/7/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Yvonne R

Deceptively simple and life affecting. Kristen's guided exercises are great! Lovely program.

(Posted on 6/25/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Kate D

Very thorough grounding in self-compassion.Loved Kristin's insightful explanations, calm , soothing voice and her guided practices.

(Posted on 6/25/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Anne P

So much good information.

(Posted on 6/6/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Pat D

V. good. Good insights, and useful, enjoyable meditations.

(Posted on 5/14/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Susan U

A great audio book, well presented, with seemingly simple exercises that really made it clear just how little compassion I give myself. I'd never treat others that way! Yet, what Dr. Neff says is so true - being compassionate with ourselves can open us up to a greater depth of compassion for others. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 4/30/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Michael L

Kristin Neff is reliably rich in the skills and resources she has developed and offers in this work as well as varied and expansive in the offerings she makes available. With a vast selection of tools and skills from which to develop and practice self-compassion, I have found many valuable and useful suggestions I have incorporated into my own practice.

(Posted on 4/12/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Maria O

Im working my way through this very thoroughly. Im on my second time through it's proving extremely helpful, particularly in dealing with painful emotions. Due to previous injuries I usually listen lying down rather than sitting as I can only sit for limited periods. Duento this, I find I'm going over the sessions following the guided meditations a few times as the latter are very effective at putting me in a trance. Between that and the improved management of emotions I am noticeably better in both physical and mental health. I thought this would be helpful; now I believe it could prove life-changing. Childhood abuse has left scars; this is providing a means of healing from within. Thank you.

(Posted on 4/4/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Micheline M

Yes, my expectations were met with the order.
Looking forward to having some free time to start listening to your wonderful research.

Thanks for the availability of such important information.

(Posted on 3/21/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by james c

I listen to books on cd while I drive to and from work, so I was a little surprised when the book dealt more with meditation than with a therapeutic speaking session. I'll have to try to learn meditation. I'm not saying it's a bad book, just not what I was expecting.

(Posted on 3/17/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Cindy H


Once I called to find where my product was, things were delivered the next day. I'm well pleased with it all. Thnx Cindy

(Posted on 2/17/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by barbara d

Very enlightening information on practicing self-care...love it

(Posted on 2/4/2014)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by FG

I have mixed feelings about Kristin Neff's teaching style in Self Compassion. The message is good although not original. The meditations are good but again not original. Almost 1/3 of the time is spent in absolute silence. I like silence and reflection time, but don't appreciate paying for 6 CDs and getting 3 CDs worth of instructions out of it.

(Posted on 10/14/2013)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by SJS

Excellent program on a subject that is at the heart of any healing journey. I really valued seeing the relationship between perfectionism and self-criticism and how self-compassion and kindness are the processes that lead toward gently accepting ourselves as we are, in all our humanness. It is from acceptance, at that level, that we grow as spiritual beings.

(Posted on 10/1/2013)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Joy R

The self compassion cd's encompassed all facets of self compassion. They were informative, inspirational, and above all soothing! Kristin Neff covered so many topics in this 6 set cd. I would highly recommend it to others (in fact, I have already recommended it to 10 of my friends!).

(Posted on 9/8/2013)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by C L

Very practical

(Posted on 8/10/2013)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Joan B

Kristen Neff's Self-Compassion Step by Step was a life changing audio book. The authors style of teaching was excellent. She is able to present concepts and uses multiple examples, her personal stories enriched the experience.

I was introduced to this author's work by interview with Tami Simon.
Thank you thank you

(Posted on 7/17/2013)

Review for Self-Compassion Step by Step Review by Robin B

I will continue to listen to he helpful wisdom of Kristin Neff. I am a regular Sounds True subscriber but I followed Kristen Neff's name to your website through the recommendation of Brene Brown. I trust you will continue to publish their work because they are invaluable sources for those of us who are searching. Thank You!

(Posted on 7/15/2013)



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