The End of Reincarnation

Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death

The End of Reincarnation

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Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction, and for Gary Renard—bestselling author of The Disappearance of the Universe—such was the case.

In 1992, two ascended masters appeared before him to impart the teachings from A Course in Miracles. Before their arrival, Renard had never heard of this modern spiritual text. Over the next nine years they met with him frequently to teach him its complexities.

Now, on The End of Reincarnation, Gary Renard offers a practical understanding of the Course's core principles, including:

  • How projection makes perception—specific teachings from the Course to see how our ego influences the way we look at friends, family, and coworkers
  • True forgiveness—a thought-process technique to release those who have harmed you—and yourself—from any perceived guilt
  • How to work on the level of cause to cultivate more strength and power, and to bring lasting positive effects into every situation of your life, and more

"I understand now that reincarnation is only something that appears to happen," Renard explains. "It's just a continuation of the dream of birth and death."

Distilled for people who have been curious about A Course in Miracles—as well as for continuing students who would like to deepen their studies—The End of Reincarnation illuminates the peace available when we awaken from the dream, and catalyzes our experience of oneness with all of creation.


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Customer Reviews

Review for The End of Reincarnation Review by Spiritofone

The main argument being made here is clearly wonderful: Forgiveness to all of all things...because ultimately there was nothing (in reality) to forgive. (Forgive a little neoplatonic wording here...) God is one and all are one completely connected to "The One", which is basically what is being said here. I agree completely with these sentiments and with the notion of "Maya" or our illusory existence. Completely in agreement with all these main tenets. I am not in agreement with everything obviously, and there may be a few things herein that I have an objection to. That being said, overall it's well worthy of listening to and as I've said earlier, the main points are indelibly etched into the soul of the listening ear.

(Posted on 4/3/2013)

Review for The End of Reincarnation Review by Kathryn D

I was truly disappointed with the Gary Renard audio. He talked about loving and forgiving, but he clearly had a chip on his shoulder for certain organizations. How can he talk about forgiveness and be so condemning all on the same tape? Sad:(

(Posted on 8/26/2012)

Review for The End of Reincarnation Review by Lynda Fletcher

Exactly what I was looking for. I would like to have more by him.

(Posted on 2/25/2012)

Review for The End of Reincarnation Review by Christine Huffman

down to earth, relateable, informative

(Posted on 3/28/2011)

Review for The End of Reincarnation Review by Joe Wolfe

The easiest to understand, most profound introduction to the practical spiritual discipline found in A Course in Miracles. Life changing, inspiring and the motivation needed to pick up the bigger blue book.

(Posted on 1/10/2010)



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