The Red Shoes

On Torment and the Recovery of the Soul

The Red Shoes

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The Red Shoes is a dramatic excursion into the realm of the soul with analyst Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Using an ancient tale deeply rooted in our collective psyches, Dr. Estés illuminates how people fall prey to destructive impulses while seeking to balance their inner lives.

In our culture, she begins, we may travel life's path in one of two ways: in handmade shoes, crafted with love and care according to the unique needs of the individual soul; or in Red Shoes, which promise instant fulfillment, but ultimately lead to a painful, hollow, and split existence.

Drawing from real-world examples such as the tragic death of Janis Joplin, Dr. Estés analyzes the deeply seated needs that lead to addiction. By listening to your instinctive forces, she says, you can free yourself of the exterior traps that torment and destroy the soul. This is the way to construct a life that is uniquely your own; a life made by hand.

The Red Shoes is a treasury of ideas and counsel, threaded with magical storytelling, about the complete life each one of us deserves to lead.

Additional contents: The Internal Predator; how instincts are injured; learning to say no; the exile; vulnerability and seduction; feral women; and more.


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Customer Reviews

Deep Insights! Review by Douglas

Clarissa Pinkola Estes has a soft and haunting voice and I think everyone will be enchanted by listening to her.

Her presentation of the Red Shoes and its meaning are quite good, and likely to be relevant to almost all listeners.

(Posted on 12/3/2014)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Joy Oram

Not sure on this one, too many personal assumptions as fact.

(Posted on 10/11/2014)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Sharon R

Most compelling story of addictions as only Dr. Estes could do so well.

(Posted on 10/11/2014)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Cecil H

Alwaays enjoy Clarssa's work, talent and insight.

(Posted on 10/7/2014)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Rosalind M

It's beautiful. An excellent way of understanding what is or has been going on in your life and the people around. No doubt, a good tool to improve your life.

(Posted on 10/1/2014)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Clare N T

Gets to the core of addiction. I have never had such a helpful perspective on my lifelong struggle with obesity. This has given me more understanding than 34 years of traditional therapy, diets, and medical interventions. Thank you Clarissa.

(Posted on 12/17/2013)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by DEBORAH H

Thank-you once again for your amazing story telling I could listen all day. A true Seanchai!
The word seanchaí, which was spelled seanchaidhe (plural seanchaidhthe) before the Irish-language spelling reform of 1948, means a bearer of "old lore" (seanchas). In the ancient Celtic culture, the history and laws of the people were not written down but memorized in long lyric poems which were recited by bards (filí), in a tradition echoed by the seanchaithe.

(Posted on 8/1/2013)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Jeannine E

The product and download worked perfectly!! Thank you.

Your feedback review is quite tardy, over 30 days.. If I ordered a lot, it could have been forgotten.

(Posted on 7/16/2013)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Cheryl B

Loved it - more material for book I am writing!

(Posted on 7/1/2013)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Mary F

Really enjoyed it. Very insightful in a simple format

(Posted on 4/11/2013)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Jennifer P

I really enjoyed my downloads and have taken to listening to them last thing at night. Clarissa Pinkola Estes is my favorite story teller and she reaches a place inside me that is old, yet very free and spontaneous. I love her approach, her storytelling and the way she brings into the current world the old stories and legends. The Red Shoe is outstanding and really helps conceptualize addiction.

(Posted on 1/13/2013)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by JoAnne Davis

very informative

(Posted on 5/12/2012)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by nadia ashburner

I enjoy listening to Dr CPE and always learn something valuable.


(Posted on 5/28/2011)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Carolyn Edwards

Beautiful re-telling of this old story, though feel she made an error in analysis -- it's not the shoemaker who is the destroyer in the psyche, but the bearded soldie. Important issues well-dealt with.

(Posted on 4/25/2011)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by fiona knox

Another wonderful experience of storytelling and teaching from Dr Pinkola Estes.

(Posted on 4/19/2011)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Barbara Gibson

I absolutely love The Red Shoes and didn't want it to end. Consequently, I came home and ordered The Dangerous Old Women. I also have Mother Night to listen to that I ordered a few weeks ago. Can't get enough of this enthralling Jungian content and the way Dr. Estes delivers her stories. Thank you!

(Posted on 3/11/2011)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Uk Audiobook Lover

I was exceptionally pleased with the content of the audiobook "The Red Shoes" by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It was very helpful and supported some meaningful, personal, inner journeys for me. I have read a few of CPE's books now and love her artful, humaine and humorous explanations of some very complex jungian concepts. She draws on folk stories as particularly illuminating metaphorical demonstrations of the varied aspects of the Self and it's conflicts. Her books are just beautiful.

Her gentle voice and the love and light in it really soothed and supported me through some difficult but necessary territory. It's been a spring-board for further investigation into Jungian Psychoanalysis for me but I think this book could easily be taken as an isolated enjoyable experience. I would, however, highly recommend other books by Dr Estes. I particularly liked "The Stone Child", "Women Who Run With The Wolves" and the lecture series "Theatre of The Imagination".

Thank-you sounds true for your excellent service and for providing MP3s which can be transferred straight to personal MP3 players that are not big brand makes.

(Posted on 2/22/2011)

Review for The Red Shoes Review by Edith May

Dr Estes is amazing. Not only is she a delight to listen to, but the content is so enlightening! In the past I have found myths hard to read, but when they are spoken (I guess its their true form) they really speak to my psyche. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

(Posted on 7/10/2010)



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