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Yoga for Emotional Flow
Free Your Emotions through Yoga Breathing, Body Awareness, and Energetic Release

A yogi shares a practical 2-CD program to help you achieve day-to-day emotional balance.

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More than 4,000 years ago, the early masters of yoga made an astonishing discovery: before we can find true happiness, we must first learn how to be open to the energy of our emotions. On Yoga for Emotional Flow, Stephen Cope, psychotherapist and senior scholar-in-residence at Kripalu, the largest yoga center in America, presents a life-changing strategy for riding the wave in even the most challenging emotional situation.

Cope details the psychology behind the difficult circumstances we create for ourselves through improper handling of our feelings, and shares the prescription for effectively relating to anger, fear, grief, joy, and others from a yogic point of view. Through breathing and visualization techniques used successfully by thousands of his students, Cope offers listeners practical tips for day-to-day emotional balance; lessons in awakening the witness consciousness, which is a nonjudgmental vantage point for welcoming emotions; steps for clearing the field at the end of each day; and more.

For the yogi, there are no bad feelings, only unskillful responses to our ever-changing emotional states. Yoga for Emotional Flow is an essential program for working with these powerful forces, and a template for a new way of being.

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Review for Yoga for Emotional Flow Review by Robert G


Great! The talk and guided meditations were wonderful. (Posted on February 3, 2014)

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Review for Yoga for Emotional Flow Review by Yana T


I love these simple guided meditations. I had a rare emotional experience where I luckily had Stephen's work at hand. I used the meditation he offers for those in the midst of intense feelings and had a really powerful experience as a result. I was able to process a lot, and came out with insight about the experience on top of it all. I felt pretty great afterwards actually. I have used his meditations to conquer nerves and stuff like that too.

I recommend his work very highly. He is also an excellent writer about the yoga traditions - The Wisdom of Yoga is a really great and insightful read. (Posted on March 27, 2013)

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Review for Yoga for Emotional Flow Review by Katherine F


one of the best meditation CDs I have heard very effective, relaxing providing deep emotional relief I highly recommend Yoga for Emotional Flow (Posted on February 17, 2013)

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Review for Yoga for Emotional Flow Review by Sybil


This recording changed my life. I first discovered it on Sounds True about 4 years ago, and it really chimed with me. I found the whole Yoga philosophy towards emotions wonderful, especially with the step-by-step instructions for allowing emotions to 'flow' (in particular the second practice), and the way in which all emotions are just accepted without judgement; welcomed as part of the human experience.

The CD comprises a one-hour talk by Stephen Cope on emotions, and then three guided exercises led by him - one yoga nidra style one, one dealing directly with troublesome emotions (which is useful when you're having a crisis or working through something intense, such as childhood trauma), and one for use before sleep. None of them are physical yoga practices as the title might imply, they are all guided meditations. Stephen's voice is quite soothing but also very assured, so perfect for this kind of practice.

I worked intensely with this recording and the practices on it over a couple of years and it absolutely transformed the way I deal with my emotions. The five steps used in the practice are, for me, way more effective than a Buddhist practice which tells me just to sit with the breath. Using it I let go of some powerful emotions, often so powerful I would find my whole body spasming during the practice. It helped me overcome some huge and difficult issues in my life and has made me feel that nothing about my emotions are scary or weird or impossible to face. I have discovered there are even some wonderful reserves of prana lying deep within those intense, difficult, overwhelming emotions, and so I welcome them now instead of running from them.

I've used the practice so much that it's almost second nature to me, and I don't listen to it very often anymore. But it's always on my mp3 player, for a night I don't sleep or a day when something awful happens and I need that reassuring voice to walk me through the steps.

I'm not sure others will love this CD as much as I do - it's probably a case of the right thing at the right time - but I can only speak for my experience. And that experience is: this is the most powerful practice I have ever encountered for transforming my emotional life: better than any counselling or any course or any other guided practice.

I just wish there was more stuff by Stephen Cope available at Sounds True! (Posted on September 17, 2011)

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