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"Together We Can, Together We Will; featuring keynotes by Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE author of The Book of Hope"
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Now more than ever, it’s imperative we harness the power of hope to build a better world: for now, and for the future. Jane Goodall—the world’s foremost living naturalist—invites you to the Activating Hope Summit, a four-day online summit aimed at sparking lasting change by illuminating and celebrating hope around the globe.

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All too often the power of hope is underestimated, brushed off as weak or naïve. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In truth, hope has the unique capability to connect, heal, outlast, and overcome. And in the face of so much crisis and upheaval, division and isolation, we need it now more than ever. 

After almost 60 years of groundbreaking environmental conservation work, Jane Goodall is now using her formidable and inspiring leadership to help spark hope around the globe. We need to act together, with clear intentions and vision, if we are going to keep our planet healthy and sustainable for future generations.

Let’s come together to harness the power of hope

In the words of Jane Goodall, “Hope is what enables us to keep going in the face of adversity.” It’s in the spirit of this powerful sentiment that we invite you to the Activating Hope Summit—a 4-day online summit aimed at sparking lasting change by illuminating and celebrating hope around the globe.

Led by a broad roster of legendary visionaries, the Activating Hope Summit sets out to infuse hope in these trying times, giving participants the vision and tools to fight for our global future together.

Look forward to:

  • Renewing your sense of optimism—Reignite the deep-rooted feeling of hope that may have faltered due to any number of external factors.
  • Harnessing expert wisdom—Receive daily teaching and insights that empower you to recognize and grow hope every day.
  • Creating global connection—Broaden your network of like-minded individuals by interacting with fellow attendees in a variety of ways.
  • Discovering practical applications—Defined, meaningful steps to follow through on actions of hope in your everyday life.

As Jane Goodall once said, “Probably the question I am asked more often than any other is: ‘Do you honestly believe there is hope for our world? For the future of our children and grandchildren?’ And I am able to answer truthfully, ‘Yes.’”

The Activating Hope Summit attendees will have access to:

Jane Goodall’s "Four Reasons for Hope"

Jane outlines four reasons, as she sees it, for humanity to hold on to hope: The Amazing Human Intellect, The Resilience of Nature, The Power of Young People, and The Indomitable Human Spirit.

Beacons of Hope Teachings & Conversations

Embrace one-hour messages of hope from a collection of diverse voices, including celebrities, wellness leaders, beloved musicians, prominent activists, and more.

Daily Workshops

Led by some of today’s top mindfulness leaders and luminaries, these daily 45-minute workshops explore how hope can be an active practice infused into all facets of everyday life. These workshops will get you thinking, moving, writing, and creating and leave you with concrete tools and active inspiration.

What Gives Me Hope?

Dozens of short videos from socially conscious, high-profile celebrities aimed at providing bite-sized moments of hope to reenergize you when you need it most.

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