All the Time in the World

Learn to Control Your Experience of Time to Live a Life Without Limitations
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We are all constantly rushed, hurried, overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, and on the run. The one thing we universally have in common: there’s just not enough time. With the guidance of a premier researcher in the field, finally learn to control your experience of time so you can live a life without limitations.
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You don’t have to be a victim of time any longer. 
No matter how much we try to plan ahead and organize our to-do lists, everyone seems to face the same universal struggle: there’s never enough time. But what if time, that supposedly linear, inevitable phenomenon, isn’t what you think it is? What if you could actually have all the time in the world—and more?
With her groundbreaking audiobook, All the Time in the World, researcher Lisa Broderick reveals the new science of time so you can master it for yourself.
Drawing from physics, quantum law, and psychological theory, Broderick will help you shift your fixed constructs around time into something more fluid and malleable. Then, with dozens of step-by-step practices, you’ll learn to put theory into action and become the master of your own experience of time. Highlights include:
  • Learn powerful, science-based practices for stretching and bending time to meet your personal needs
  • Understand the quantum laws that govern our experience of time
  • Explore the moments you’ve already felt time “slowing down”—and learn to consciously create this experience on demand
  • Why time is not the unchanging linear property of human experience we believe it to be
  • Flow states and getting in the zone—how to alter your perceptions, increase focus, and accomplish your goals
  • Healing the past by “time traveling” through your perceptions
  • How “experiencing your life in advance” can help you manifest the future outcomes
  • Discover why upgrading your relationship with time is the secret to creating the reality you desire and living without limitations
“Our ability to influence our experience of time is the key to doing what we are here to do,” says Broderick. “As you liberate yourself from the illusion of time as we know it, you will become a confident creator of your own reality. You have all the time in the world.”
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Lisa Broderick

About Lisa Broderick

Lisa Broderick earned a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Duke. She is a Transcendental Meditation™ Siddha, attended the Monroe Institute for the exploration of expanded states of consciousness, and studied imagery and dream reading at the American Institute for Mental Imagery for 15 years. She currently runs a business consultancy based in New York City that helps socially conscious entrepreneurs manifest their creativity and energy. For more, see

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